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Are You Slipping, CL?


You said you’d use any excuse at all to post pictures of Keri Russell. Well you did a write-up yesterday on Addison Russell, same last name, and… no picture… are you slipping up? Should we be worried?


Dear Comrade,

Apologies. Please tell the Centre it won’t happen again.



(Agent ELIZABETH wondering if those phone company workers up in the bucket next to her house really do work for the phone company.)

Use Rotoworld to your advantage: Ignore it.

Consider “analysis” like this:

“Ryan Madson pitched a pair of hitless innings Thursday against the White Sox.

Madson’s comeback is off to a terrific start, with just one run and five hits allowed over 7 2/3 innings. It doesn’t really make him an AL-only option, but it’s nice rooting for him.”

Huh? In a world where 80%-90% of the player pool is sucked up, what is is about:

Ryan Madson: 7.2 IP, 1 ER (= 1.16 ERA), 1.04 WHIP, 8/3 K/BB

… that you can’t use?

Yes, he’s probably sixth in line for saves, so there are likely better options in mixed leagues. And it’s early–one scruffy outing puts the ERA up over 3. But I can see an argument to own him in mixed leagues if you’re looking for two good innings a week, as I so often am.

In AL-only, every good reliever isn’t an ‘option’, he’s a must-own because the truly sketchy starters must be shunned, and the #3-#4 starters you own blow up more than you want anyway.

But that’s Rotoworld. Rotoworld isn’t the McDonalds of fantasy analysis, it’s the dumpster behind the McDonalds.

Let your opponents follow Rotoworld’s useless advice.

Stick with GCBL Blog.

Mailbag: Should I put in a claim on Addison Russell?

Hi CL,

Is Addison Russell worth blowing my waiver claim on?

Waiver Wired

Dear Plugged In,

I doubt it.

Addison Russell 2014 MLE:  10 HR 4 SB .278

The good news there is the solid average, fuelled by the high contact rate. Don’t let Russell’s 2-for-13 start be what puts you off: he should be OBP neutral.

What’s troublesome is the lack of counting stats and the idea that Russell will be hitting right in front of the pitcher (seventh in Joe Maddon’s set-up). Those MLEs, all at AA, had him usually batting second. It’s hard to get excited about guys who hit ahead of the pitcher’s spot. Moreso, there doesn’t seem to be much room to move up in the order. Fowler leads off when his groin isn’t bothering him, and thereafter it’s an embarrassment of riches with Rizzo second, followed by Soler, Bryant, and Castro. This desk would the bat Russell sixth, ahead of the catcher, but Montero has shown pop recently and as a lefty would break up righties Castro and Russell.

Roster Resource actually wants to see Russell hit not seventh, but ninth:

and I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than seventh fantasy-wise. This whole hitting the pitcher eighth is stupid anyway.

But you’re looking at 5-10 HR, 5 SB assuming he stays up.

Not worth a claim.


Begging Bowl out for Adrian Beltre

FrodoBaby   (Frodo’s baby picture/Photo Credit: DAVID)

We asked what you would trade for Adian Beltre. Collected answers:


“I would not offer Rizzo or Hamilton. I would not want to even swap Zimmerman or Bogaerts for Beltre and I would almost rather have Vogt than Beltre based on their Zimmerman, Bogaerts, and Vogt’s multi-position status. Any offer I would make would be a poor offer….something like Daniel Murphy or Jean Segura or Nick Hundley for Beltre…’s a bad offer, so I did not follow through.”

Dutch Boy:

“HAHA, are you serious? maybe for Rasmus but even he’s doing better right now.. If go on comparable stats I’d trade Castro.”


“I need a 3B in case Machado doesn’t come around so I can’t say no but Beltre would have to come at around an ADP 100ish player for me to accept.”


“I sent my 1 time trade offer for the Grandfather of 3Bs men.”


I would not give him Tyson Ross

I would not give him dental floss.

I would not give him Jason Grilli.

I would not give a bowl of chili.

I do not want him here or there.

I do not want him anywhere. 

I would not give a hurt Jake Lamb.

I do not give a sweet goddamn.

Shaggy on Yahoo Rank


We have two players. Both 52 AB, both 23 hits. Both 5 home runs.

Player A 14 GP, 16 RBI, .483 OBP, 9 XBH, 12 R

Player B 13 GP, 14 RBI, .508 OBP, 13 XBH, 13 R

In one less game played Player B has 2 less RBI, .025 greater OBP, 4 more XBH and 1 more Run scored.

Player A is ranked 1 (Adam Jones) and Player B is ranked 3 (Adrian Gonzalez).

How does yahoo even rank stats where 2 RBI is worth more than all of the other shortcomings? Apparently 2 RBI is worth more than 4 XBH, 1 Run and a little bump in OBP. Who knew?


Hi Shaggy,

I think we know there’s no reasonable answer. That’s Yahoo.

Yahoo’s defence might be that it is a generic set of rankings not customized to individual leagues’ settings. Maybe they wire it up for standard roto 4×4 or 5×5, or the most popular version of H2H Yahoo Public. If that’s true, then you’ve gotta figure XBH don’t count for anything, for instance, because that’s a category Copp likes that I’ve never seen used in any other league.

But yeah, it’s Yahoo, and for our league it’s useless bullshit.

I guess one thing it might be useful for is to use it as an argument-ender on a trade. Suppose I probably should make a trade, but I’m a worthless pussy so I need an excuse not to. If I can point to one of the ranking systems and say that the rankings don’t match up, I can then say “no”, fold my arms across my chest and try to keep a little dignity. I think that goes on more than we realize.



PS: Yahoo has always been hopelessly in love with Adam Jones, baseball’s Troy Aikman. Superstar player on the field but only above-average in the fantasy realm.

Saget Thoughts by Mail

CL: Bolus over? Back to straight stream?

Saget: as long as Cain is DL…and CC and Lincecum are available….CC, Timmy Pot-Head and the O’s are the pitchers I want to throw out there. But if an O’s pitchers lays an egg like Norris did early in the week, my WHIP, ERA is already fucked–so no loss to stream the rest of the weak and try to clinch QS and W’s. HRs is the wild card.

CL: HR will be wild all right. How do you like your team?.

Saget: If injuries don’t kill me like my basketball team I think I can be top 6 and make a playoff run. [The basketball team finished second regardless.–Ed.] I need my mid-round gambles like Semien and Granderson to produce and guys like Gattis “must” produce. I am happy with Hamilton and hopefully he can take off with steals. The power numbers are a little disappointing. Vogt’s a mild surprise.

Bad! Very Bad! Very Bad AA-Affiliate!!

Hey Ultrasurblanco,

This trade has been rejected in Great Canadian Baseball League (2941).

Comments from Nookie Monsters:

I am going to try and keep from trading until May, at the earliest. I know that this will probably backfire on me, but I am going to try my luck.


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