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“This Blog is Dead.” “No it isn’t, I saw it move.”

Something’s changed, and I can’t post to this site for the foreseeable future. I’m leaving it up as it’s showing on search engines anyway. (If you google ‘Saget goes to Cooperstown’, it’s the top hit. No good.)

If there’s another change, it re-opens.

Thanks for reading.

Catch you on the chat box and league message board.

Hanley Ramirez for Yoenis Cespedes

Underdogs gives: Hanley Ramirez

Jose gives: Yoenis Cespedes

See, this is what happens when you use 2009 fantasy magazines to trade in 2015. HanRam had 13 HR by the first week of May, and has only hit six since as he’s battled all sorts of nagging injuries. The Sawx have given up. The SS eligibility is OK, but I’m looking at HanRam’s shitty OBP and thinking I’d rather have Jung Ho Kang… and I do.

Cespedes remains a Tiger at least at press time and while he walks little get gets lots of hits, lots of dingers, and lots of XBH. He’s OF-only, but you can feel good running him every day and over the course of a week he’ll fill up your sheet.

This is the second time in a couple days that Jose has exposed his ignorance. As a fellow owner I don’t know what to do.

Well, if I could find a way to get Yahoo to list Rafael Palmeiro, I’d know what to do–trade him to Jose for Jake Arrieta.

Throw with your Hand, Catch with your glove.

Or throw with your glove, catch with your hand. Whichever.

Infante to Escobar.


Pedro Alvarez for Yunel Escobar

Dutch Boy gives: Pedro Alvarez

Cash Bail gives: Yunel Escobar

This one’s interesting because the winner of the deal is the owner whose fantasy player gets more real life playing time going forward.

The Buccos hate Pedro. They hated his glove at third last year so much they sent him down to learn first. Now they hate his glove at first. Although he leads the team in HR, they don’t like his bat either. They haven’t let him hit higher than sixth all year because of a bad K-rate… and it’s so bad against lefties they try to sit him altogether. He’s still in the lineup, mostly, but that could change once Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer come back from injury and need AB on the other side of the infield. Making matters worse for Pedro is that Gregory Polanco is starting to figure lefties out, so he’ll start playing every day–which means the bench bats like Sean Rodriguez won’t be getting cycled through right field anymore, just through first.

Pedro’s future in MLB is as an Adam Dunn-type AL DH and emergency first baseman. .240, 30 HR in a good year, and three- and four-pitch punchouts aplenty. But this is a redraft league, our future is the next eight weeks, and Pedro’s going to lose time.

Yunel Escobar seems to be in a better spot at least for now. He’s getting every day AB at third, and is having himself a nice year (.319/.368/.421 for OPS .789). The Nationals don’t hate him.

But he is Yunel Escobar and he only has five HR and one SB on the year. Players are streaming back from injury (Rendon, Zimmerman the hitter, and Werth in the last week) and with the need to get everybody AB as well as Danny Espinosa (10 HR, .740 OPS in 296 AB) things could end up in a timeshare. Bizarrely, the Nats continue to run Ian Desmond out there every day despite a .631 OPS and an arm that’s a constant danger to the popcorn vendors. Rendon’s OBP is up to .374 so he’s getting it going–so the smart play is Espinosa at short and leaving Escobar in at third, but the Nats have always done shit we don’t understand.

Dutch Boy might have won this deal, but it won’t be decided on the field–it’ll be decided in the manager’s office where lineup cards are made.

Dumbest Drop of the Year

Michael Conforto NYM – OF

Michael A. Taylor Was – OF

To Waivers
Jose OquendoJul 28, 5:13 am avatar

I’d suggest Copper fix this, but you can’t fix Stupid.

Conforto may be worth claiming. Hell, I had a claim in. But how can you drop a guy who has 8 HR and 11 SB despite having spent time in the minors, to hang onto … TJ House, Colby Lewis, Chris Iannetta (in a one catcher league), Adeiny Hechavarria,  and Odubel Herrera?

When reached for comment, Jose said “Well, Taylor isn’t in his 30s yet and hasn’t been on the DL 15 times in his career, so I had no use for him. Oh and I like Conforto, and with a little bit of luck he’ll give me 85% of Taylor’s stats on a Mets offence that’s not just bad, but historically bad.”


The Letter (I don’t have)

I haven’t laid eyes on it, but I’m told by a reliable source that MLB has sent its 30 franchises’ front offices a very interesting letter prior to this trade period heating up. Over the offseason, MLB did MLBPA a solid by reminding front offices that, under the CBA, front offices can’t trash-talk a free agent. Fine. Well now MLB has warned clubs about the converse: they’re not allowed to talk UP trade targets either.

Well, at first this seems un-necessary. That is, what GM is going to go on TV and say “we’d give our left nut for Justin Upton” or “we’ll break the bank for Cole Hamels”? Even if the statement is true, why would you want to convince your trading partner they can get more than they were expecting in return?

Nobody’s quite sure why this letter came out, but my guess is that the Commissioner’s Office is taking the long view here. Compared to other sports, baseball is free of players under contract holding out or demanding to be traded. The guaranteed nature of contracts has something to do with that, but it’s also cultural. Baseball wants players to honour their contracts and wants bad behaviour to be taboo.

The nightmare scenario is something like this: Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman goes on TV and says “We’ll do anything to get Paul Goldschmidt, and once we get him, we’ll tear up the four years and $40M left on his deal and give him Miggy money.” Now, when Goldy’s agent calls Dave Stewart in Arizona, the Snakes have a problem, even if Goldschmidt is saying and doing all the right things in public. Eventually, some young superstar on a hopeless team somewhere starts missing BP and refuses to run out routine ground balls. And then all hell breaks loose.

Things hit rock-bottom in England’s soccer market when a good-but-not-great 20-year-old on $30,000-a-week through 2017 at Liverpool passed up a raise to $150,000-a-week because another team made it publicly known they’d pay him $300,000-a-week. Liverpool, a team that used to be pretty big, was simply forced to sell to a team with deeper pockets, Man City. Liverpool then turned around and pulled the same trick on Aston Villa–another formerly great team that has since fallen on even harder times.

For what it’s worth, Liverpool’s owners also own the Red Sox. What follows is pure speculation, but makes sense: couldn’t you imagine the Red Sox owners calling up Commissioner Manfred and saying “Look at that shit show over in England–we can’t have that, can we?”

And the way to nip it in the bud is to stop rival clubs from talking up players.

Which makes for an interesting side-scene: several GMs do media availabilities weekly or near-weekly: scrums, interviews on the station that’s owned by the same group that owns the team, or their own taped TV shows. You can’t run players down per the CBA. Now you’ve been warned not to talk them up either. When discussing players, the GM can only give the “name, rank, and serial number” response so many times before it gets silly.

Maybe long term it’s very much for the best. Short term, GMs and VP-player-personnel types are on notice.

…and Adrian Beltre Still Sucks.

Which one’s the second round pick?

Adrian Beltre (3B only): 313 AB, 81 H, .300 OBP, 7 HR, 25 RBI, 25 XBH, 1 SB, 41 R

Jung-Ho Kang (3B/SS): 259 AB, 74 H, .363 OBP, 5 HR, 31 RBI, 21 XBH, 5 SB, 33 R

It’s a trick question, kids! Neither one of them is worth a second round pick. But Kang was drafted #302 overall and I found him on the wire a couple weeks later (I do have 80% of his AB). And the wire is exactly where Beltre should be today. There’s no upside to a busted thumb on a 58-year-old corner infielder whose get-up-and-go has got up and went.

Most people in this situation would rather have Kang in the shortstop slot and try to fill 3B with a player who can hit 25 bombs. Arenado has 25 already, and he two rounds after Beltre. Machado has 21, and 14 steals besides… and he went 50 spots after Arenado.

Sometimes, you just need to walk away.


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