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Mrs. Justin Verlander is NOT amused.

Hey I thought I was the only person allowed to fuck ?! What 2 writers didn’t have him on their ballot?

Now you’d think she’d just drop the mic there.


He had the majority of 1st place votes and 2 writers didn’t have him on their ballots?!! can you pick more out of touch people to vote?

Are you kidding me? Most first place votes and doesn’t win? Explain this..

Just a Couple “What the Fuck?!” Items

–Dave Roberts steered the Dodgers to a 91-71 record and was named NL Manager of the Year. The Dodgers had a payroll of $279M.

We’re not calling the Cubs a small-market team ($188M) but they did manage to put up 103 wins. Sorry, Joe Maddon. The other finalist, Dusty Baker, is a rank idiot but he also managed to win more games than the Dodgers did (95) with even less payroll ($143M).


–Felix Hernandez is 30 years old and has 2262 MLB innings on his arm. So how’s he going to spend his winter? Pitching winter baseball, of course, home in Venezuela. Dangerous for his arm, danger as a kidnap risk. King Felix has made 30+ MLB starts every year since 2006, so let’s tempt the Durability Gods, shall we?


The US Election, and Odd Baseball Rules

Hi CL,

How wild is it that Hillary Clinton won the nationwide popular vote but lost the election, just like Al Gore did in 2000?

Adorable Deplorable


Dear Adorable,

It’s no big deal. And here’s something to get your head around: suppose the national popular vote decided the presidency. There’s no guarantee Hillary would have even won. Why? Because the campaign would have looked very different. Consider what happens when you change the rules of baseball.

We all know the MLB rules for extra innings. Turns out in other places they play it differently:

–In Europe, and country-vs-country (IFAB), from the 11th inning you start with runners on 1st and 2nd base.

–In Asia, a 12 inning game, or in Japan any game that goes 3.5 hours long, is scored a tie. Playoff games are replayed.

You might like these rules (in the 3.5-hour scenario, Sawx—Yankees would struggle to play a little league six innings) but they certainly change the game away from what we know as MLB.

Starting an inning with men on base rewards teams that can manufacture runs.

Knowing that a tie-after-12 is a tie helps the team with the less rested bull pen as they know they’ll never have to worry about the 13th.

OK, back to the election.

The current rules force both parties to play by the same strategy: compete in the “battleground” states where the race is close for winner-take-all electoral votes. If you change the rules into a nationwide popular vote contest, it’s like changing the rules of extra innings, or something more radical like disallowing base stealing: candidates could try multiple strategies, including adding to their national total in states where they are already way ahead or way behind.

California has 55 electoral votes, far more than any other state. But neither Trump nor Clinton really campaigned there, because everyone knew Clinton would win. New Hampshire only has 4 electoral votes, and both nominees spent a lot of time there because both felt they really needed them.

California’s voter turnout of 8.4 million was pretty low too (less than Florida’s 9 million turnout, when Florida was a very close state but offered only 29 electoral votes). The voters also saw the writing on the wall that Clinton would win California, so many stayed home.

Now suppose it was a national popular vote contest. At least one campaign, or maybe both, would focus on picking up an extra few hundred thousand votes in California. Neither would waste time on New Hampshire, where only 700,000 people voted total and it was always going to be roughly split.

Would Hillary have won such an election? Maybe. We’ll never know.

Would the Indians have won Game 7 of the world series if extra innings had started with men on base? We’ll never know.

Thanks for writing,


Mrs. Saget is One Sick Kitten (NSFW?)

So in an ongiong quest to educate the offspring, Mrs. Saget rounded up the family and took them to the Art Museum for some good old-fashioned filth. Only time will tell if, come November, this kind of “art” will get sent to storage so that we can Make America Great Again!

This might be JR Richard (?). The potentially NSFW stuff is after the jump.


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MiLB Budget Baseball

Hannah Keyser on how minor leaguers get by on $1500/mo, seven months a year:


$1500/mo.? LUXURY!

Much Ado About Nothing

Went out with Mendoza and Dutch Boy Friday night. Good time.

No point in dwelling on the negatives, what few there wree. It was dark so I wound up wearing half my tasteless drippy pasta. The bar, which I’m done with, had the athletes walk from the Olympic ceremony on the big screen instead of baseball. There were a couple slow-pitch stories but one was actually entertaining: Dutch Boy couldn’t get it out of the infield, but a girl who broke her arm two weeks ago and hit one-armed with a sling on the broken one went 4-for-4.

I embarrassed myself somewhat by not realizing I was playing Dutch Boy this week. Whoops. I haven’t beaten anybody in a month and I’m doing well this week so I gues I should have known.

Mendoza keeps talking about begging Frodo to come back top the league and I must admit I don’t understand. It’s his league. Is it dwarf lust? Mendoza points out that Frodo’s won it twice. Frodo uses a boom-or-bust strategy and the the bust years (which occur far more frequently) Mendoza either has to harrass him to set his lineup, or sets his lineup for him. Frodo doesn’t trade, and adds nothing to the league otherwise. Oh well, it is Mendoza’s league and I keep trying and failing to set up a decent league myself, so I can’t say too much.

There was some commentary/wonder about why Shaggy has not been very active in recent weeks. DAVID looks like making the playoffs, which rather surprised the panel. Dutch Boy was commenting that the season seemed too long, but this seemed misplaced, as his season was over three months ago.


Army supplied the food. Saget brought the whine.

“This is shit they feed us….Government paid $80,000 to feed 125 soldiers 3 meals a day of this shit for 14 days…… $15 a meal I think” [$15.23–Ed.]