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Beware Mendoza’s Fake News

The chatbox is great, but of course Mendoza is manipulating it to try to dain advantage. Just in the last few days, we’ve had this:

Steve Copp (Mendoza Maniacs)

Jun 24, 12:08 PM

Looks like a Bush was a nice Holds grab.
Brent (Shagsters)

Jun 24, 12:08 PM

Who’s closing?
Steve Copp (Mendoza Maniacs)

Jun 24, 12:09 PM

Kela or Leclerc maybe.

…which is fake news. Bush continues to close.

Then there’s this:

Steve Copp (Mendoza Maniacs)

Jun 24, 7:07 PM

Kluber worth every penny. Thanks for convincing me Shawn.
Shawn Young (Curacao Littleleague)

Jun 24, 7:08 PM

Np– btw I get similar production out of Lance Lynn.
Steve Copp (Mendoza Maniacs)

Jun 24, 7:11 PM

Just don’t complain when he’s skipped during the playoffs when the cards are eliminated.


…which is just silly. 3.5 games out now, never more than 5 out all season.

So enjoy the chatbox, but take Copper’s claims with a grain of salt. Actually, even salt can’t wash away the taste of horseshit.


Will the Thrill: HOF?

Unknown.jpeg     The man himself, later.

Saget pays tribute to Will Clark this week as he attempts to emulate the man — by kicking the shit out of Jose Oquendo. Long a member of the Hall of the Very Good, the question becomes for Clark… Hall of Fame?

By surface stats, he never had a shot: 2176 H, 284 HR, 67 SB.

OK let’s make the case:

  • He hit .303 for his career
  • Career OPS .880
  • 6x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger, 1x Gold Glove
  • Career WAR of 56.2. There are 20 1B in the HOF, who average 66.4. Clark below average, but not out of the discussion.
  • 7-year peak WAR of 35.9 (5+ in any season is all-star material)
  • Clark retired after his age-36 season. What did he do that year? .319, 21 HR, 5 SB, .964 OPS. To say he could have kept going is an understatement.

Clark played out West mostly, and never in a huge market. Four more years of counting stats, preferably as a DH in New York or Boston, and I think he’s in for sure.

I love Kirby Puckett and have no problem with him in the HOF. If Kirby’s in, isn’t Will in? (Or for that matter, my boy, Jim Edmonds?)

Something to think about anyway.

Saget at the Ball Game (II: Mostly Mascots; Keeper-Sleeper)

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Saget at the Ball Game (I)

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This just gets worse.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 8.41.00 PM.png

Copper needs to decide if he wants to let DAVID unduly influence the league or not. Perhaps he’s already decided, and this is his answer.

Shaggy asked in the Comments section earlier this week if I thought the last placed team should automatically be precluded from making trades.

My answer to that is that there’s last, and then there’s last.

DAVID was 41 games behind Slumpy and the last playoff spot to start the week. With the Buccos’ game to come tonight, Slumpy’s beating him 12-2. If it holds, that puts DAVID 84 games under .500 with nine weeks to go. He can go 11-2 every week the rest of the way and still wouldn’t see .500.

You know, DAVID did a shit-arsed job managing his team this year by leaving his lineup to rot with DL players. He’s an embarrassment. Yes, he should be encouraged to make his team better, and should be expected to keep his team active. But letting him trade willy-nilly now that he’s hopelessly out of it,  just to try to alter the landscape on those people who played hard all year, that’s just poor.

This isn’t healthy for the league.

Saget at the Alamo (II)

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Saget at the Alamo (I; feat. some random Pee Wee Herman)

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Ah shit, that’s the baseball game he was at.

Click through. The Alamo, I promise.


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