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Eric Thames hits HR. Big flies. Taters. Jacks.

Eric Thames hits huge dongs.

Even his heat map is a dong:


Mailbag: Questions

Hi CL,

What’s Mendoza going on about a fake news generator? And are you a Trump guy?

Just another Canuck

G’Day, eh,

I don’t know what he means by ‘fake news generator’. I asked around. Saget found this webpage and maybe it’s that:

But I’m not sure.

As to supporting Trump: No. I worked on the Clinton campaign, actually. Not sure what’d be worse: Mendoza trying to associate me with Trump, or just rubbing it in that we lost. Whichever.



Fake News from Dirty Commish

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.08.30 PM.png

I’d Settle for Anything.

AA-ball would suit me more than fine in our little area (county population about 400,000). We got nothin’. But for those people spoilt by MLB, Travis Sawchik claims that new ballparks are distancing more fans from the action:

It’s not just baseball where the seats are farther back.The change is even more pronounced in soccer and rugby, where in days gone by you could spit on the touchline (if you felt the need). Today’s grounds see seats well removed and, in some cases, separated from the field by a running track.

Just in case you missed it…

…we’ve had Fan Cam, Kiss Cam, etc.

The Reds, tired of Cubs fans at Great American Balpark, came up with… BANDWAGON CAM.


Cincinnati Reds' video hilariously blasts bandwagon Chicago Cubs fans


Upcoming Saget Travelogue Schedule

Plan your visits to the blog accordingly.

Tour shirts for sale in the lobby.

Gettysburg, PA: April 29-30

Columbia, SC: August 21 (Solar Eclipse)

District of Columbia TBD

Cape Hateras, TBD

Sept: Braves game, Cobb County, GA; Astros game, Houston, TX; Rangers game, Arlington, TX

October: The Alamo (feat. Fernando Valenzuela)

DPR (North) Korea, Lunar New Year 2018


More Civil War baseball stuff after the jump…

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More on the coming Humidor in Arizona

We noted on the message board that a humidor is coming to the Diamondbacks’ stadium. This should be good for pitchers, bad for hitters.

Andrew Perpetua at Fangraphs:

His in-a-nutshell:

If the Humidor is in fact installed in Chase Field, you should expect to see the Diamondback power hitters lose between 4 and 6 home runs, prorated to the remainder of the season. Which, for the purposes of this season, may be a reduction of around 3-4 homers, each.

On the flip side, you might expect their starting pitchers so give up roughly a third fewer home runs. Greinke may seem like an obvious beneficiary, but my analysis suggests he may not be helped very much. Instead, look to guys like Archie Bradley and Robbie Ray.