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Blog on Break

I”ll be away on business for a few days.

I hope to keep my lineup fully loaded.

I wish Howie Rose would tell us how he really feels.

Scroll down, play the video 🙂

No word if said Stooge was Moe, Curly, Larry, Darryl, or Darryl.

Of COURSE this team is from Saget’s neighbourhood.

Like they’d be from elsewhere…



No World Series final for YOU, young ladies:

Matt Joyce calls out some fag and gets two games this weekend too. Somewhere, the gods of Political Corectness are smiling.

Seriously? Screw this shit. And Ozzie Albies.

Incoming Via Text:


…did he just accuse you of being a pedophile on the chat … and what about Ozzie Albies? Worth picking up?…

[Name Witheld]


Apparently. Fuck DAVID. He can go fuck himself. I’m done with him.

The Braves have a crapload of shortstop prospects. Albies (from Curacao!) is next-man-up after Dansby Swanson couldn’t find sccess this year. While no Ozzie Smith, Albies is a glove-first SS in the model of former Brave and countryman Andrelton Simmons.

There’s hope that Albies can find 20-HR power as he gets older. There was much hope, including in this blog) for Simmons too–hasn’t happened. Will Albies get there? Who knows, he’s 20…and in a redraft league I think it’s too soon to pick him up.

If you’re in a keeper league and you have the space, get him there.







Reliever Stats, Holds, and So Forth: A Proposal

TL;DR? Skip to “the proposed solution” section.

A couple days ago I got a long letter from someone re: Mendoza’s rule changes. Frustratingly it was stamped “Not For Publication” and sadly I reconfirmed that. So I can’t print it here.

What I can do is try to respond in general terms and offer an answer to try to give most people 80% of what they want. So here goes:

I get why some people like Holds (I don’t actually).

I totally understand the frustration re: Mendoza wanting to further devalue 8th-inning guys. I actually agree with this part. Making 8th-inning guys unrosterable via Net Saves is a bad idea, because the 8th-inning guy who suddenly becomes the 9th-inning guy is picked up by the first person who sees it on his phone. That’s not Fantasy Baseball.


Mendoza’s target, he says, isn’t the 8th-inning guys: they are collateral damage. His target is the ‘bad closers’. That’s fair enough. Junk closers should not be rewarded.

This issue is made worse by Yahoo not having good reliever stats. That likely won’t change.

The Proposed Solution

1. Category Changes:

–Replace Saves with Net Saves

–Replace Quality Starts with Holds

–Replace K/BB with K

2. Drop the Innings Minimum to 30 from 40

3. Drop the number of active pitching slots from 8 to 5. Add 3 Bench slots.

OK, what would this do?

  1. The move from Saves to Net Saves accomplishes Mendoza’s goal.
  2. Bringing back Holds pleases about half the league.
  3. Switching K/BB to K gives Starting Pitching back most of what it lost by eliminating Quality Starts. Starters get more K than relievers do simply by pitching more innings.
  4. Dropping the number of active pitching slots stops people from hoarding and running mostly relievers.
  5. Elite closers are worth more than other relievers as they should get more K and blow fewer saves.
  6. Dropping the number of pitching slots makes daily decisions more interesting. Just as running “iffy” starters is something to think about, relievers who don’t actually pitch that day hurt more by being ‘blanks’.
  7. To keep people from getting into too much trouble and not being able to make innings, the Minimum comes down. The new minimum asks for basically five starts and three full-time relievers. Streamers and people with good rotations can play for more, but with only five active slots, whatever the heaviest streamers win in K and W is quickly coughed up in Hld and NSV because they didn’t run relievers.

One More Thing

Do write in. Do trust me to edit your note if you don’t want it printed word-for-word. I mean, c’mon. In the Age of Scaramucci, speak your mind.


Why is this even allowed?

He’s 53 GAMES out of a playoff spot with five weeks to go.

Fucking disgraceful, the end.

Kaleb Cowart LAA – 2B,3B

Clint Frazier NYY – OF

Traded to
Burger Piows ( Copper )Aug 2, 3:49 am avatar
Rafael Devers Bos – 3B Traded to
Shagsters ( Copper )Aug 2, 3:49 am avatar

It’s great to be the focus of attention.

Yes, it is:

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 2.51.58 PM.png