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Jacoby Ellsbury: It Gets Less Complicated.

May 31, 2013


My feelings toward Jacoby Ellsbury got a lot less complicated today. It’s been a long and winding road.


He’s continually refused to extend his deal with the Sawx. Like occasional other players (Jonathan Papelbon comes to mind), he’ll go into free agency and get overpaid to play for a weaker team. Uh, OK. That’s his right. He’s slow (scared?) to heal from injuries anyway and, unlike Papelbon, his stats (especially his OPS) don’t really say “elite” anyway.


So last night Jonny Gomes pinch-hit-homers for the pitcher. Ellsbury comes up, and is obligatorily plunked. Ellsbury takes it like a boss. He might have tapped his crotch at the pitcher as he left the box, but Ellsbury didn’t charge the mound. He got revenge by playing well. Next pitch? Steal second. Next pitch, steal third. By the time his night’s over, he’s swiped five. If that’s not a “Go Fuck Yourself” for getting plunked, what is? It’s infuriating, but when he wants to be a stud, Ellsbury’s a stud. Good for you, Son.


Now I told you my feelings were always complicated. That didn’t change last night. That 5 SB performance handed Frodo the weekly category. That kind of sucks. But I just saw a team record broken on my favourite, 113-year-old baseball team. That’s kind of cool. Like I said, it’s complicated.


But I told you it got less complicated today. Ellsbury apparently injured his hamstring, or his groin, or his ovaries on the fifth steal. Now playing centre in the first game of the Yankees series: Jackie Bradley Jr, .091. Our leadoff hitter is Daniel Nava, batting from his weak side against CC Sabathia.


Go fuck yourself, Jacoby Ellsbury.  



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