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Mendoza Interview: Davis, Profar, and More.

May 31, 2013

Last night you posted in your matchup that you regretted trading Chris Davis. Start from the start. You offered that trade. What were you thinking?
I ran with Chris Davis on almost all my teams last year and I was convinced he was/is a .250 hitter with 30HR in a regular year.  Running with that he had 12 Hrs and was hitting .350 so I THOUGHT it would be wise to sell high…obviously that hasn’t been the case since the trade.
Hopefully, I didn’t trade the next Miggy as predicted by Bill James 5 years ago.

This space’s objection was never to selling high on Davis, but that he seemed like the pack-in for Wainwright for Cobb-plus. Do you still think Wainwright is substantially better than Cobb?
Cobb I am not as concerned about.  He was my 5th or 6th starter ahead of only Cashner and Wandy on my team.  His strikeout rate increase dramatically in spring training and he’s kept it up so far.  I liked the idea of getting a starter outside of the AL East for the dog days. Wainwright is a stud and I have him on most teams most years so I am comfortable with his upside the rest of the way.
Overall, it’s more depressing that Davis has stayed hot but what the hell, I’m in first so hopefully I can afford to make a mistake or two. Lord knows, Shaggy has made lots this year and I have no doubt he’ll come screaming back after making a couple of deals. [Shaggy keeps begging me for MI, but won’t pull the trigger.–Ed.]

How come you never offer me sweetheart deals like that, Son?
After our Tex deal went south, we really haven’t matched up very well. I had a big hole at SS and MI which I have filled via the wire instead of overpaying you for Desmond or Segura.  Plus after the man-rape of Shaggy for Kershaw I would rather not make another mistake that could
help you out of the predictament you have been in all season. [Nice to know that even as I suck, I inspire fear. Thank you. It moved.–Ed.]


Tex should be back shortly. You looking to do a 2-for-1 there to free up a slot?
Maybe, I have received a couple of vulture offers on Franklin.  I would move a 2 for one with Profar/Franklin and someone for a bat or arm but I haven’t been offered anything worth countering in a long time.  Doesn’t seem much of market for young players or guys coming off injuries until they are player of the week.  Then of course you are accused of overvaluing the guy once he’s hot so it’s a vicious circle.


Isn’t Jurickson Profar an absolute stud?

He’s a beast as long as they can find him a place to play.  Maybe the Rangers flip Moreland and/or Murphy for an arm and open up a spot for him.  I doubt they can move Andrus or Kinsler with their contract status.  The guy can really hit though.  He’s from Curacao isn’t he????
Funny that I ended up with him, guess you were asleep at the wheel on that one.  As I recall he sat on the wire for weeks without anyone claiming him.


Anything else on your mind?
League has gone really cold in terms of activity.  Not sure what’s going on, seems like that there’s more chatter about Junior Hockey than anything.  I assume with traditionally strong clubs like Burger, Shaggy and Champion on a definite downtrend they are probably looking at ways of pulling out of that trajectory.  Sluggers, Assclowns and Coach seem to be heating up in a big way…could be some fresh faces in the playoffs this year if the status quo is maintained!
Your dominant leader,


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