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Is There any Point in Posting This? Maybe.

April 3, 2014

Saget (now ‘Flo the Bundlin’ Ho’) has loaded up on Yanks’ and Reds’ hitters. Which of his fantasy opponents benefit from this? Which are hurt by it? Why am I even bothering to do this when his whole roster will be different on Sunday? Let’s see if there are any patterns


Week 15 (SLUMPBUSTERS): Yanks vs. Indians, O’s; Reds vs. Cubs, Bucs


Week 11 (UNDERDOGS): Yanks vs. M’s, A’s, one vs. Royals; Reds vs Dodgers, Brewers

Most of the rest are a mixed bag. The Yanks might have the White Sox, but the Reds have the Cardinals, and so on. Playoff weeks, with the Yanks mostly home and the Reds mostly away:

First round: Yanks vs. Sawx, Royals;  Reds vs. Orioles, Mets  (probably favourable)

Semis: Yanks vs. Rays, O’s;  Reds vs Cards, Brewers  (will need to hang tough early in week)

Finals: Yanks vs. Rays, Jays; Reds vs Cubs, Cards   (nothing too unbalanced)

Kind of a bundle of nothin’.


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