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A Chilling Effect

April 8, 2014

So no names to protect the sanctity of trade talks here, but I’ve been going back and forth the last little while with a guy who approached me for Jose Abreu. In the end I think our values differed: he’s high on Abreu, but I’m Harold-and-Kumar high on Abreu. These things happen. What got my goat, however, is that when we were inches away from a deal he puled out with a quip that he wasn’t going to do the deal because I “ripped a couple guys off this year” and masterminded a “Strasburg fiasco [that has me] confused”.

This is troubling on a couple different levels, but mostly I’m concerned about how Dave’s drunken rant has managed to kill my trade market. After this initial outburst, my potential trading partner effectively wrote in a much calmer tone that he can’t afford to trade with me even if he likes the deal because he fears fallout. I’ve done a day in a holding cell in Germany for a ‘political crime’, so I’m not one to fear fallout, but I see where this guy’s coming from and I respect it. Fantasy baseball’s supposed to be fun–if you fear heat, I reluctantly get that in the cold light of day.

It’s kind of sad. He went from offering something that most people would think was fair for Abreu, something that many people would have taken, to offering me a deal he retracted. He then proffered a middle infielder with league-minus power on the wrong side of 30 straight up. Why? Because he’s afraid of the politics of dealing with me unless he can prove he won. Because Dave has posted he’s going to keep doing his little stunt. 

So I’m moving on to somebody who can handle a mindfuck, and likely deserves a heaping load of one, which brings us to… 

Extra Bases: I offered Mendoza a trade for Mike Moustakas, he of the 0-for-18 and the 1 RWI (run walked in… it wasn’t a sac fly or a grounder or a squeeze or a … he got a walk with nowhere to put him) and Mendoza Actually Rejected It. And he told me I could write about it.

Full disclosure: I didn’t offer him much–how could I? I offered him Cody Asche in a 3B like-for-like. Asche 5-22-.235 in 162 AB in the bigs last year. Moustakas 12-42-.233 in 472 AB. Who’s better? Who knows? All I know is that Mendoza and I have been drafting Moustakas in pay leagues since he was in T-Ball, Mendoza still likes him, and I’m so fucking bitter after last week’s loss. Forcing him to reject a trade for Moustakas is all the psychological revenge I could get. By the first of June both these dudes are going to be in AAA.

I’m shallow. I get it. But it was a cheap thrill.


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  1. Shaggy permalink

    I didn’t not take an offer because of your Strasburg trade. I said that you have a huge bias to how badly you need to win deals due to that and you were being unreasonable. I also yanked a Braun offer after he hit 2 dingers and I was reminded that maybe I can’t throw him away. I’m pretty sure taking deals off the table is the entire point of there being a cancel button. It was taken off the table within minutes of it being offered because I felt I had made a mistake. I don’t have to float an offer waiting for a response simply because that hurts your feelings even if I reconsidered the offer. Also there was somebody else in on Braun and I feel I had a better deal to be made with him. As you can see he is gone now.

    Basically I think you have some sort of issue where you think I care about the rest of the league when I’m actually just trying to improve my team. I don’t want to trade 2 starting pitchers for a 10th rounder even though you now feel since he is on your team that he is a 4th rounder. I drafted one of those guys ahead of him and another just behind him.

    If you believe my comment affects trade offers then delete it, but you are clearly twisting things here. I’m one of the few guys in this league that negotiates without feelings, kind of like how I treat women, so I hope this fiasco doesn’t affect things in the future and I don’t take any of this stuff personally. I have to listen to enough crying from Dave even after he accepts a deal from me.

    But for the love of God would someone give me a 3B because Machado is being a whiner!

    • OK, since you posted, here it is naked. I’ve got the e-mails if you need them.

      At 1:55 you offered me Masterson and Ryu for Abreu. Like I wrote, most people would think that’s fair. Many would have taken it. I didn’t, because I thought Masterson walks too many guys, and that might be my mistake. I think Abreu’s worth two good pitchers, and maybe that valuation is nuts.

      By 6:32 your offer was Zobrist straight up.

      By 6:55 it was Gerrit Cole straight up, when I think you knew I preferred Ryu to Cole, never mind Ryu-plus-Masterson.

      You pulling the Braun offer was what it was. A woman has the right to change her mind. Serves me right for not having a computer in the bathroom lest you offer me a trade while I’m taking a dump after the Champions’ League finished.

      So you want a 3B. You never sent me an offer for Seager all afternoon or asked for Asche as a throw-in. Is that because you think Seager sucks, or because you expect me to read your mind about what you want?

      As always, make me an offer. Nobody’s untouchable.

    • Oh, forgot to say. I don’t delete comments. GCBL Blog is desperate for comments.

  2. Shaggy permalink

    Kipnis for Braun is far better than anything you would have offered me correct? Your offer was Abreu straight up for Braun. I really don’t like Seager or Asche…I think Seager is over valued and I would be in the same boat as I am with Alvarez….wondering why he is on my roster. But I’m stuck with him until I find a 3b I like or Machado comes back and I trade Alvarez for spare parts.

    The comment regarding a 3b was more hoping people read this. I also don’t know why there aren’t more comments on this blog…I think if everyone got in on this it would make the league even better.

    Anyway, I’m sure we will fight through negotiations again…it’s our thing. But at least we won’t cry about it and write a gay slander, curse infused message about it. (Josh does read this blog and he reports to Dave about it…this is actually fact not fiction)

    • Well let’s see. You asked for Carlos Gomez straight up for Braun. I said no. Kipnis is better than anybody else I have on my team, so yeah, you got more from Dave than you would have gotten from me. Asked and answered.

      But I’m wondering… did you get played regardless? I’m not saying you did, ’cause I don’t know. And bringing up other fantasy leagues might not be kosher. (I don’t care if the rules are similar, but I know pay-league people hate it.) Anyway, indulge me this once:

      Dave has Braun in my auction league, and you’re in there too. He’s been complaining about Braun so much, he even changed his team name, an exceptionally Sagetian move. And yet, he trades for him in GCBL. Hhhmmm.

      My old bridge partner would occasionally play a (very) poor game of Hearts on purpose just to get the same humps to invite him to a poker game the next night. There’s a faint odour of that in this Braun deal.

      Did he play you? Should I lose my shit on the message board over it if he did?

      • Shaggy permalink

        I think somehow you should lose your shit on the message board anyway so my next 24 hours will be more interesting. Too bad it’s so much easier to comment on the blog than with those fools at yahoo that can’t make a mobile friendly site.

  3. Steven permalink

    I should get credit for the Braun/Kipnis deal since I pulled it first in the other league albeit in reverse.

    Shaggy is definitely a time sensitive trader. I find if I accept his deal too quickly he thinks heade mistake.

    Shawn is developing marijuana like paranoia which may or may not be the case. But there seems to be a disturbing trend of Shawn assuming there is a conspiracy within the league against him. Of course that may be true if you are Josh or Dave.

    But at least they trade. There’s nothing more frustrating than making offers and they sit on your board unanswered for a week. Yes I’m talking about you Jose among others !

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