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PSA: Trading DL Guys; Dickey the Fireballer.

April 11, 2014

Some drama overnight in the silent auction league I run. As transaction rules are similar in our league, here’s the simplified heads-up:

Owner A and Owner B agreed a 2-for-1. Owner B was taking in two guys including Josh Hamilton (DL) and had both an empty active roster spot and an empty DL spot. Overnight, B picks up Jason Hammel on waivers, filling his empty active roster spot. When I tried to put the trade through this morning, it now said that the trade was impermissible, because B’s roster would be too large. Yahoo left me no choice but to veto the trade.

There was some confusion as B still had the DL spot open, and that’s where Hamilton was going to be going of course. Copp solved matters eloquently by saying “Yahoo won’t put guys on the DL for you.” That is, incoming players have to start on your active roster til you move them.

Try this experiment: Offer a guy on your DL for a guy on someone else’s DL. Before you can offer the trade, you’ll be forced to drop a (healthy) guy on your active roster to make way for the incoming player. You really shouldn’t have to, but you do.

So if you’re sitting there with empty slots taking extra guys on a trade, don’t fill them before the trade is processed.

Extra Bags: Great GIF and better piece of writing by David Temple at Fan Graphs on RA Dickey sawing off Dexter Fowler:

R.A. Dickey Saws Off Dexter Fowler Just to Feel Alive

The best bit:

And so here [Dickey] stands, getting paid in foreign money to play a game in an enormous room on fake grass in Toronto — Toronto being an old Huron word for ‘shitty New York’.” 


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