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“…I Hate the Other Little Bastards…”

April 12, 2014

GCBL Blog gave Saget some grief in a previous post about running all Yankees and Reds. Saget responds in his own words:

“Bolus lineups such as picking up all bats from 1 or 2 teams allows easier management especially with the 2 fucking jobs I have to juggle (Army reserves, business). It’s 3 jobs if you count the bullshit Sunday School shit I have to deal with. I love my kids, but I hate the other little bastards. Nothing is worse than other people’s kids, more specifically the inability to bitch slap them when they mouth off.

“Anyways, I can log on through my phone, see if there is a “^” or “x” by the bastards on my team and then set the lineup accordingly. it’s a lot harder when my fantasy team has batters from 8 different teams playing at 3 different times in the day, especially when a lesser player has “^” earlier in the day then I have to decide to play him or take a chance at a better guy having a “x” for a 10 PM game on the west coast. 

If Votto or Ellsbury go down here is my rationale which worked well 2 years ago: The Reds and Yanks might get mowed down by David Price or Felix Hernandez or Adam Wainwright here and there, but for the most part I believe I count on perhaps 2-3 runs….4-6 hits–and double up on RBIs/SBs per Yank/Red bolus on average per scheduled game. Obviously Votto and Ellsbury will account for most of that “bolus” production per night but there will be nights where they go 0-4 and guys like Frazier or Ludwick / K. Johnson or Jeter will go 2 for 4 or 3 for 4 and hit their occasional HR….my point was if one or two of the big guns goes down, the overall “Bolus” production will definitely go down, but the hit won’t be as bad because the production that Ellsbury or Votto had provided will at least be covered/insured by 40-50% through lesser production of guys that will step up in the lineup (bolus) such as Ludwick (who along with Cozart) are the first to be benched if everyone has an “^” and guys like Solarte (who is now playing everyday with Teixeira out with the hammy). Is Solarte going to produce as much as Teix in the long term? Probably not, but not a bad substitute–the alternative is to have a two top 15 players go down and have 0-10% production from the possible replacements from one’s bench or FA pool. Just my opinion/experiment–I believe I can at least make the playoffs this year 

“Pitching streaming: I don’t like streaming, but I figure I will pick up productive SPs gradually through the wire such as the A’s Jesse Chavez. That’s not possible with hitters. Picking up a Mike Trout in 2012 off the wire just does not happen very often–a Jose Fernandez 2013 taking off is much more likely (albeit not often). Streaming SP is my version of taking a pile of shit and seeing what sticks to the wall and rolling with it. If guys like Jesse Chavez start to tank then fuck it, he was free anyway. I do concede the fact I will lose the starting pitching stats 50-60% of the time and my only hope is loading up on cheap QS and W’s. The other benefit to this strategy is if 2-3 of my pitching slots are worthless and it is a light schedule day, I can pick up all bats for that one day, then drop those bats the next day for SPs. I did this on Opening Day, picking up Uribe and the Dodgers catcher and I picked up some cheap hits that day and then continued streaming SPs the next day.”

Definition of BOLUS

1:  a rounded mass: as
 a :  a large pill
 b :  a soft mass of chewed food
 a :  a dose of a substance (as a drug) given intravenously
 b :  a large dose of a substance given by injection for the purpose of rapidly achieving the needed therapeutic concentration in the bloodstream

Origin of BOLUS

Late Latin, from Greek bōlos lump

First Known Use: 1562
[I had to look it up. Totally worth it: what a great fantasy taunt to hang onto: ‘Your team is a soft mass of chewed food, Son!’–Ed.]

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