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Mendoza’s Conspiracy Theory…

April 16, 2014

Jays won big last night. Usual-chump Brett Lawrie wakes up for Burger the week he plays me but never mind. Mendoza wonders if something else was afoot.

Temperatures were dipping into minus-Celsius and 20s-Farenheit in Minnesota and the Jays were all wearing ski-masks. It was also Jackie Robinson night. So everybody was wearing an un-named ’42’ on his back. So if you can’t see the guy’s face, and everyone’s wearing the same uni number… why not run Jose Bautista up to the plate every chance you get? “Shit, even Ryan Goins got a couple hits. It makes you wonder.”

Mendoza corrected himself on Goins specifically as Goins and Joey Bats hit from different sides of the plate, but he thought the idea could work in general–provided you used the proper colour bat.

It could happen. Well, with some guys, but not with Melky:


(h/t and thanks to @Alleycat17)


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One Comment
  1. Copper permalink

    How else did you think “Lawrie” hit a Grand Slam!

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