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The Education of Gerrit Cole; Fixing Fights in Boxing.

April 16, 2014

Image     (Portrait of the fireballer as a young, clean-shaven man.)

I think Gerrit Cole is great. I send Shaggy offers for him every day. But he’s learning some hard lessons in his first full year as an expected-frontline starter. Last week he had to try to deal with a botched umpiring call. Yesterday, his own hubris was his undoing.

Opposing hurler Mike Leake hit a one-hop, ground-rule double in his first at-bat. Leake has led the NL in pitcher BA in two of the last four seasons. He’s a career .250 hitter on 273 PA. The .615 OPS isn’t great, but it’s like having another #8 hitter in the line-up… for an NL team, that’s more than it deserves.

Well, Cole wasn’t having any of it and started shaking off anything but cheese on Leake’s subsequent ups. That double was indeed lucky after all–for Cole. On Leake’s third and final at-bat, he hit a no-doubt, two-run shot that put the Reds ahead for good. Cole finished the inning, but the inning finished Cole.

Cole will be an all-star someday. He doesn’t have the stuff or the mental fortitude to brush adversity aside… just yet.

Extra Bags: Nothing to do with baseball, but this is easily the best sports piece I’ve read all year. Fixing fights in boxing. Read it! Full disclosure: Farrell used to be my customer and I’ve always had a soft spot for his thoughts (despite his using the word ‘inchoate’ in this piece… I had to look that up… fuck you Farrell… it means ‘just begun’, so say ‘just begun’, Son…). 


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