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Go-Go vs. Cole-45

April 20, 2014

Image     I have Carlos Gomez on all my teams. I doubt you’re surprised.

In case you missed it, Carlos Gomez pimped his monstrous home run scrambling triple (oops), Gerrit Cole lipped him off, Go-Go wanted a scrap, benches cleared, Go-Go threw a punch and got tossed for his troubles, Martin Maldonado flew in and sucker punched nobody in particular, and Gaby Sanchez restrained Russell Martin from…something.

So the Twittersphere is going nuts that Go-Go broke The Code by standing in the batters’ box to admire his work. Well, OK. But there are 400 articles about that on the Internet already, and Jason Turbow’s likely going to put up the authoritative essay at The Baseball Codes soon. I want to talk about Gerrit Cole again. We’ve talked about how Cole needs more mental toughness a couple of times this young season already. Well, this afternoon he refreshingly displayed it.

Cole was going OK before Go-Go’s third inning triple and the ensuing melee, but instead of that being a distraction, Cole locked matters down and pitched eight strong innings of one-run ball. His Bucs lost the game 3-2 on a third solo shot in the 14th inning, but this was a start for Cole to build on. It’s not even so much the one run over eight frames; it was that he stranded Go-Go’s substitute on third, got a hit in the bottom of the inning and came out in the next inning ready for business.

Tuesday was a psychological failure for Cole. Today was a triumph. Let’s see if he builds on it next start, or regresses.      


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