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I Feel Like I Cheated This Week.

April 20, 2014

Karma’s a cunt, so maybe my bats will fall silent today and I’ll lose the week. Pedro Alvarez has been benched by the Pirates, so that’s a start. Still, if I do hang on it’ll be because of the shit I got away with on the pitching side. Burger pitched really well this week (8 QS, 5 W,  3.14 ERA, 2.81 K/BB with Sunday to come) but is set up to lose pitching 5-2. I picked out three favourable starts and got average-plus relief to look like winning everything but W and QS.

Well played, you might say. If my starts blew up on me I’d lose all the ratio cats for a 5-2 defeat, you might say. I did play to win, and Dave would expect no less of any opponent, but I don’t feel good about it. Was it my best chance to win? Sure. My stable of healthy fantasy aces is Jose Fernandez, and that’s all. A real baseball team doesn’t pitch 34 innings a week and win comfortably.

We need to raise the IP minimum to about 45 before I do this again–or before somebody does it to me.

Those of you who pull double-duty by playing in the league I run will remember that 45 IP didn’t work last year. I think the failure there stemmed from the fact that it was AL-only so there physically weren’t enough starts to go around the first couple weeks, especially with snow-outs and starters getting skipped. I kept a chart, and post-May 1 nobody threw less than 45 any week the rest of the way. 

Over in GCBL, in a mixed-league format, we should be able to do 45 IP no problem. I’d actually vote to make the change on Monday. The minimum we currently have is akin to no minimum at all, if it only requires three starts. (I’m not running the ‘pen today, but if they throw about six extra innings on my bench, I could have done the week on two starts.)

On the other side, I don’t care for streaming at all…so I wish my opponent this week had been Saget instead.


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