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Venable for Owings

April 24, 2014

Jose Oquendo gives: Chris Owings

Slumpbusters gives: Will Venable, and I’m presuming cash considerations.

I’m not sure how Will Venable can help anybody’s team. I don’t even care about this year’s crap start (no home runs, no steals, .221 OBP). Venable’s 22 HR last year were fuelled by a 20% HR/flyball rate, which is unsustainable. How do I know it’s unsustainable?

1) Venable’s HR/flyball rate had never been as high as 15% in any previous season.

2) Another slap-hitter had a 16% HR/flyball rate last year. Maybe you’ve heard of him. His name’s Mike Trout.

So I guess Venable can repeat if you think he’s got more power than Mike Trout. And therein lies the problem: if you do believe Venable has more oomph than Trout, isn’t it disconcerting that Venable only hit a career high 22 HR with it last year? And how can that be? Well, he strikes out four times as much as he walks, with a 75% contact rate and 6% walk rate. Yuk.

On the other side we have Chris Owings. Owings is no sure thing in the short term, but the Snakes like him enough to bump Didi Gregorius and bat him near the top of the lineup. That’s legit upside right there.

Shortstop is a scarce position, whereas outfielders who whiff a lot are easy to come by. 

There’s no guarantee Slumpy won, but I’ll guarantee you there’s no way he lost. Always nice to see the league leader make a bad deal.


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