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Saget on “Is Pitching the new Hitting?”

April 28, 2014

GCBL Blog e-mailed everyone a question set this afternoon. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Responses posted as they arrive. Saget replied first, and here he is in high-definition:

I wouldn’t change a goddamn thing [about my draft]. I’ve had fun assembling my team and I am enjoying watching it play out for better or worse. Of course I want to win, but first of all want to be competitive. I had no intention of handcuffing 85-90% of Reds and Yanks bats….just saw a challenge and went for it.

I don’t love my current staff. The only thing I like is my A’s relievers which I hope will help me win holds most of the time, since they have the capability to drop 2-3 holds in one night on my stat line. I have effectively punted on saves, but should have enough to get 1-2 saves vs. other teams that have absolutely no closers.
O’s staff: they rack up inninngs pitched and some wins and a QS here and there, but they have a bad habit of pitching 5 1/3 good innings then getting rocked before they can get a QS. Having a handcuff staff in the AL east is a little crazy. [Don’t worry, Son. Gausman’s coming. You won’t have the whole staff for long.–Ed.]
When it comes to K:BB, the O’s and the rest of my staff suck the big one. My pitchers, it is what it is….I’ve put my eggs into one basket :Reds and Yanks bats.
I have effectively traded my way into a corner of no more trading, since I am not trading Votto or Jacoby. [C’mon. I know that you know that I know that you know that I know you want Gausman–Ed.]
the only reason i punted on closers is because last year I carried 3 holds guys and 3 closers and I kept losing holds and saves every fucking week….so I’m going for holds and using closers as trade lubricant.
[As to the league shifting toward pitching,] I blame Underdogs and Why Not Me? for fucking up our karma. We were the perfect dysfunctional league until these guys showed up and had us flopping on the ground like cripples at a Benny Hinn revival with their enlightenment and brash awesomeness allowing us to see the error of our ways. [Jesus Fucking Christ, how can you blame Underdogs? His pitching staff is a warm turd.–Ed.]
Saget then winds up by referring to himself in the third person, somewhat similarly to Homie D. Clown:
Saget’s mermaids brokeback lovin’ backdoor slider, what a fucking idiot loser douche. The Reds and Yanks are old and strike out a hell of a lot. Jeter scores more in the bedroom than he does on the diamond. Saget sucked left testicles his first 5 years in the league and will suck the other nut the next 5 years. He got lucky with a roided up Yank squad a few years ago, even a nutless porcupine gets laid every once in awhile. Sit and spin, Saget, you American jackass.
To wrap it up with another tangential reference to “In Living Color” … All-righty then! 

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