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Shaggy on “Is Pitching the New Hitting?”

April 29, 2014

This has to be the craziest year in the league yet. I still don’t know what the hell is going on and quite frankly the last couple years haven’t been up to my preferred level of craziness. Probably because instead of spending time on fantasy baseball I was spending my summer evenings on the river getting drunk with girls in bikinis. Hoping to trade up to good looking girls in bikinis this year but a hole is a hole. So I would probably trade the starting girls from last summer for some closers this year. Oh wait that’s what I want to do with my baseball team.

I felt like I did a pretty decent mix of pitching to start the year, taking Darvish in the second round because I like having a stud and I know he’s one of the few pitchers I could get value for early on. After Kershaw and Darvish I think teams were pretty skeptical on over paying for guys that could be all lumped together in similar tiers. Darvish should probably be with them too but I feel he would draw a bit more interest. Quite frankly my draft kind of sucked but luckily I traded away most of the garbage. Still waiting on guys like Kemp, Butler and Segura to put up decent numbers instead of shitty ones but here I am still in the thick of things.

I feel like I’m pretty loaded with pitching  with guys like Haren, Pineda and Cueto throwing much better than their draft positions indicated. I’ve always had a love for Cueto and Haren so they may as well be on my roster. Greinke is great and Cole should come around. When Fister gets back it will just make me that much stronger and that lad from Seattle was pitching great until he went on the DL for me. I wouldn’t mind moving a starting pitcher at all, but I’m not really looking for just a bat. I would rather move a high end guy for a bat and a closer. I feel like arms and bats are finally starting to level out in value in this league and hopefully that plays into my favour if anyone wants to try trading. I don’t want to bitch about the effort some guys put in…but when you see guys like Swine throw Salazar away for nothing it really makes you wonder what he brings to the league other than days of unanswered trade offers. Other guys would rather have their team go down in flames than send a counter offer. So maybe I did want to bitch about it.

The biggest shame of the league this year is Sagets team. I love when games get postponed and rescheduled for a later date like they did last night. Helps my team out a lot and some other team will end up getting all the Reds in a double header against the Cubs in the future. I don’t know how I feel about his strategy. There is a chance for big nights but the all eggs in one basket approach doesn’t work for me. I prefer to diversify my shitty portfolio as much as I can, losing a little bit everywhere instead of a lot in one place. So I just lose with a lot more effort. But his strategy isn’t my issue. It’s that he pretty much backed himself into a no trade zone. And I think Saget brings the most creative and honest trades to the table in this league. I miss that. And I would’ve paid big for Votto and/or Billy Hamilton at the start of the season. And now I can’t have them. And I want them. A lot. Even still. I almost drafted Votto in the first round.

Moral of the story is right now I’m trying to add closers and improve my bats. I do think my bats will come around but I’m always willing to make a move. I’m glad Davis is in the DL and Braun may head there. I basically ended up with Rios, Cole and Kipnis for those two guys. I miss Cole Hamels being on my team. I think the Darvish and Jones for Upton Cueto and Greinke deal may define my season. I really want to make more trades. Hell, I have 5 offers out there right now. I try not to trade with Copp anymore because he won’t send me a trade offer ever. I get really excited when I get a trade offer from someone without me initializing the negotiations. It happens rarely unfortunately. I miss Saget.

As for the crawling over the IP limit, it probably is a good idea. I figure my only way to stop it is to have a lineup of stud SPs who can win me the ratio categories and QS and Ws. Or just hope the crawler doesn’t have a lights out week in the ratios. No matter what, if my bats don’t get going it won’t matter what my pitching does. Hoping Machado gets the boys going for me when he’s back this week!


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