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Fun at the Pirates game…

May 3, 2014

Top 4. Two down. Josh Thole beat out a slow grounder, or did he? Buccos challenge and as two umps have the headsets on the super-slo-mo comes up on the Jumbotron: out by a foot, two different angles. One ump takes the headset off, stands around. Points at Jumbotron. Everyone nods. Other ump says put the headset back on, Son: New York says safe. The announcers kind of lose it and one section of the bleachers gets a head start on Cinco de Mayo by pelting the field with some trash. rest of the inning:

Dickey batting in the NL park, chopper to short. E-6, runners now first and third.

Reyes walks, bases loaded. 

Melky walks, plates a run, bases loaded.

Jared Hughes relieves Francisco Liriano.

Jose Bautista hits into fielders choice, inning over.

This soured Steve Blass’ mood in the booth. Melky had popped one up to the back of the dugout roof and Blass says that the Jays ought to challenge it, maybe it’s a grand slam. Too bad, as Blass had been in a jovial mood before to talk about RA Dickey’s start:

“Every pitcher tries it at some point. Every one of us. Few people admit it, but we all do in a slump. The problem was consistency. I tried it back in 1973 when, you know, nothing worked and I was trying anything. [If you don’t know what he means, look up Steve Blass Disease–Ed.] I threw a total of two in game situations. In a way, I was consistent. Ernie Banks hit a stand-up double. Lou Brock hit it a mile. I mean, so straight and so hard.

“I knew I’d never throw another knuckleball when they interviewed Brock after the game. He said he saw a hanging slider and crushed it. The end.”

On to the fifth.


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