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A Gambling Proposition

May 5, 2014

Assclowns had an ERA of 7.96 last week on 46.1 IP. I feel sorry for him because pitching that putrid meant he could only beat Burger 7-6. If you want to compete in this league, when I team like Burger comes along, par is 10-4.

I digress. The offer:

If, before the week begins, you think you can pitch, oh, at least 40 innings with an ERA higher than 7.96, I’ll take that bet. Load your roster however you want. Everybody pitching in Colorado? OK. Two start Corey Kluber? OK. Bribe the Milwaukee brain trust to let that kid Wang pitch? OK.

Not only that, I’ll give you a “Blackjack” type scenario where I’ll pay you 3-to-2 if you go over 50 IP with an ERA over 8.

I’ll leave the window open all year.  


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  1. In my 20+ years of intense gambling…I’ve always said it to be much harder to lose 5 bets in a row than make 5 in a row. I’ve once seen the roulette table hit 19 straight black…my life changed then. I believed in a 20th chances. From wiring cake to the Carribean at 13 from a Miracle Mart in Sudbury ON, to losing credit cards on 2/3 parlays in the NCAAB this year. One thing is certain…success isn’t!

    • Amen. I got home four hours late on Thursday and the Wife said “Where are you?” and I had to confess I was over at Phil’s playing poker.
      “How much did you lose this time?”
      “Take is easy, Baby, I won. I won, and won some more.”
      “Really? So Phil’s wife must have been pissed off then?”
      “She was absolutely furious. She fucked me anyway, but she wasn’t happy about it at all.”

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