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Mendoza’s Ruminations

May 9, 2014

We asked him for a Stream of Consciousness…

Picking up Kolten Wong: I’m anticipating the return of Zimmerman and the potential loss of playing time of Espinosa. Wong shouldn’t be down very long with the way the Cards are hitting. 

Moustakas. Well, I tried. Carried him for years and now he’s losing time to Valencia. I figure I gain big on OBP just by running a blank. 

As for the blog and the Napoli/Davis debate. I find it hard to extrapolate stats this early in the year. Most players have only recently broke. 100 abs. Take EE for instance. Coming into this week he had 2 jacks. Now he has 6. Assuming Davis is only going to hit 16 more is pretty conservative in my opinion but I guess that’s why I can’t find I trade I think is fair. 

Nice to see Saget back in the trading game. 

As for Shaggy and the pitching rich squads. I think they are in for a tough run. They get whomped by any team with an offense and it’s really easy to get whomped by a pitching rich team even if you perform as expected. Tough strategy to play. I’m glad to be a contrarian team this year. 10 jacks and I am pretty much guaranteed 4 cats against 3/4s of the league. My feeling is once a couple of guys realize their pitching is good enough to compete with the top couple of pitching squads the trades wil come or they will head for the basement. It appears Josh has recognized this and is adjusting. I expect him to be rewarded in the standings. 

As far as the standings go. If I am able to carry the week against Saget I will have successfully saved my  season by your projections in two weeks. Moral for me is don’t panic but don’t rest on your roster too long or you will lock in your losses and be unable to recover without a string of big wins and the longer it goes the harder it will be to recover. 


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