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A New Beginning.

May 10, 2014

“Mary, Mother of Stalin!,” my wife began, mixing her metaphors. “Did you just do the vomiting of the warm mass of the chewed food on our floors?”

“It’s, you know, a Bolus,” I replied calmly, wondering if she could smell the booze on my breath but figuring it might not really matter.

“Well get it the fuck out of here you fat four-eyed fuck!”

And so, it was gone.

Saget is dismantling the bolus strategy, or at least the Reds side of it. I wish I could have played a part, but Votto, BP, and Bruce are all gone, the Yankees are still untouchable, and he seems to want way too much for a Carlos Gonzalez who isn’t running.

I would have paid a good deal more than what he got for the better Reds, and I’d be willing to pay for the traitorous Ellsbury, but I guess it ain’t happening. Saget and I play each other next week, and we note with no small implication of conspiracy that the Yankees have seven dates next week, while the Reds have six at most.


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