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Saget/Frodo Trade

May 10, 2014

Saget gives: Carlos Gonzalez, Todd Frazier

Frodo gives: Robinson Cano, Brian Roberts

Right now Frodo wins this deal huge. Saget might turn it into an even swap, but I guess if “even” is as bad as it gets, we’re due for a well-worked rendition of the Happy Hobbit Hop. Well played.

As mentioned in the previous trade analysis, CarGo’s stopped running, which means he’s just hitting. Cano’s power stroke has disappeared like DB Cooper in the Pacific Northwest. So while CarGo’s just hitting, Cano isn’t doing terribly much at all.

Frazier is a useful piece at third, a position that has been suddenly scarce this spring: guys have been injured (Zimmerman, Beltre, Headley, Machado, Middlebrooks…) and guys by their own lofty standards have been sucking (Miggy, Wright). Brian Roberts, with his health concerns, is what he is: 20 SB pace, but only when he plays.

Maybe Roberts stays healthy all year. Maybe Cano starts hitting home runs. So maybe Saget comes out of this on level terms. I doubt it.  


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