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Saget/Shagsters Trade

May 11, 2014

Saget gives: Billy Hamilton

Shagsters gives: Ben Zobrist

Well, if you’ve been following along, I haven’t liked Saget’s deals to this point. Somebody wrote and asked if I was biased against him, or at least couldn’t understand his strategy. Well, here’s my big, faggy, Michael Sam kiss for Saget: this deal, he won comfortably.

Zobrist is a known quantity. OK he’s getting older and in the end Time gets us all. But in a redraft league he’s about 15/12 (or is that 12/15?) with plus OBP and decent (R + RBI) from your choice of SS or 2B. Average-plus production across the board from either of two traditionally minus positions is always welcome.

Billy Hamilton is known as well but offers much more variance. The SB are there, but if and only if he gets on base. 11 SB so far (the 5 CS don’t hurt yet) so maybe he’s on for 50-55 total as he understands pitchers’ moves to first better. But that comes at a cost: bad OBP, no RBI to speak of, and OF-only eligibility.

The lack of RBI isn’t totally his fault: the best guy hitting one or two spots in front of Hamilton’s .622 OPS has a .625 OPS himself, and that’s Mike Leake who only seems to show up for work about every fifth day. But assigning blame doesn’t win championships. People look at Hamilton and hope for Rickey Henderson or Lou Brock. Problem is, Rickey hit 297 HR in his career and Brock hit 147. Hamilton will struggle for 50. Which means pitchers will challenge Hamilton, making him hit to get on. That’ll be tough sledding. What you might have here instead is Esix Snead:

Esix Snead, career, minors: 3252 AB, 507 SB, .621 OPS

Hamilton is getting the big-league shot Snead never did, but even with 55 SB and an OBP that leaps up to .300, can he help Shaggy? I doubt it. Shaggy’s already league average in SB and is about to kiss goodbye any shot at climbing back to league-average in OBP, RBI, and XBH.

Great work by Saget, making up much of the lost ground in the previous two deals. 


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