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Mailbag: Draft Night War Room Revealed!

May 13, 2014

Hi CL,

I don’t know what I can believe anymore, but I do remember you said here Cano should go #3 overall. Now you’d rather have David [sic] Murphy? And you shit all over Cano. Was that a scam?

Enquiring Mind

Dear Needs-to-Know,

Actually that was on the level, and it was one of my two biggest fantasy mistakes pre-draft. I honestly tried to trade up to get Cano, figuring he would last til #5-#6-#7 but the price was too high. Thank fuck.

I’m already due for one angry phone call from Mendoza today so if he’ll be mad about me revealing what follows, this is as good a day as any: he can lump that venom on top. I’m very allergic to venom, but, hey. Here goes:

We were scheduled to pick 13/16 (him) and 14/15 (me). We spent the better part of a month trying to figure who would be there to draft, as barring trades it’d be 28 more picks before we could fix any deficiencies. I was pretty sure I could get GoGo and I think that pleased him for his #16 because he didn’t want to go OF if he could avoid it. We were hoping to see three of (E-5, Votto, Fielder–whoops, and HanRam) for the other three picks at 13-16. If Cano was there at #13, I’m pretty sure he would have taken him unless E-5 was there as well. Then Cano would be mine. But we didn’t see Cano getting by #8, never mind washing up at #13.

The article I wrote was legit. Every other 2B had warts. (I did an article on that too.) I got scared with about 36 hours to go that there’d be nothing but OF left at #14 so I frantically tried to trade up and get Cano. Couldn’t do it at a reasonable price, so I traded down with Saget. I was still counting on GoGo and now had extra picks to mitigate my first guy being OF. Mendoza was calmer because he pointed out that if there were Autodrafters we’d likely be OK, or at least he’d be OK at #13 and I’d have scraps at #14/#15.

Cano went #4 to Frodo and Dutch Boy will bear me out that I was pissed off: not that I expected to see Cano, but that now I knew I’d never get him in trade. At #13, Mendoza knew it was now or never for E-5. He took E-5 at #13 and prayed Saget wouldn’t take Votto at #14. Mendoza could have gone Votto at #13, but he knew I would take 3B-eligible E-5 at #15 over GoGo, but that I would take GoGo over Votto and everybody else.

Well, Saget took Votto and so began the Reds Bolus. Mendoza cursed. I took GoGo quickly, trying to force Mendoza into doing something rash by putting him on the clock. Mendoza kept his cool and took Tulo with great reluctance, wondering if he was now reaching at SS because HanRam was gone and Tulo is a huge health risk. He didn’t want an OF in Adam Jones, and couldn’t see getting another 3B in Longoria or the aging Beltre. Tulo was the rational choice. So far, Tulo’s been OK I suppose. I promised myself I’d never touch Tulo, penciling him in for four months of five-days-a-week-only, a month on the DL, and a month of “day to day with general soreness”.

And those were the two players I’ve been most wrong about, so far. Cano, and Tulo. And Fielder too I guess. Just goes to show the futility of trying to predict too much pre-draft.




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