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Shagsters/Nookie Trade

May 21, 2014

Shagsters gives: Michael Cuddyer, John Lackey, Martin Prado

Nookie gives: Clayton Kershaw, Asdrubal Cabrera

I think I can show that Shaggy might have edged this one.

First, looking at the last guy given by each side, I’ll concede that’s even. I’d actually rather have Asdrubal (.268, 3 HR, 4 SB) than Prado (.251, 0 HR, 0 SB, left game Sunday with blurry vision–don’t get hurt on Shaggy’s team or BANG you’re out the door) but Prado might be OK physically and if the position flexibility means a lot to you, I can see some sort of argument for Prado.

So it’s Cuddyer and Lackey for Kershaw. Cuddyer is just back from injury but slides into a surprisingly potent Rox lineup. He offers some pop and is better in an OBP league like ours. Lackey is usable in this league for a great K/BB rate (4.31 this year, hair over 4 last year) but his ERA (4.01) and WHIP (1.28) cap value.

This trade is all about what you make of Kershaw. We think Kershaw is an ace and Nookie has traded him away too cheaply. That said, we also think we know what actually happened here. Kershaw spent all of April injured, and after two good starts in May he got wrecked on Saturday, not making it out of the second. Nookie felt it was time to cut bait. Nick Nantucket, who knows a thing or two about getting fucked, urged Nookie to deal with Shaggy.

We don’t blame Nookie for getting frustrated, but think he could have coaxed out more in the trade.


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