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Overheard on the Bucs Broadcast

May 23, 2014

Bob Walk pitched 14 years in the big leagues, including 10 with the Pirates. He finished up 105-81 with an ERA of 4.05 and a fair number of good-natured philosophical opinions.

Bob Walk: Pitchers’ pitches are tools. Look at Charlie Morton. His fastball is his hammer. The curve ball, well, that’s a wrench. Different tools for different situations, get it? His splitter, well that’s a screwdriver. Charlie just needs to depend on his tools, figure out which ones to use. And his catcher, Russell Martin, needs to help him refine the tools and choose them.

Play-by-play man Greg Brown: What tools did you bring to the mound, Bob?

Bob Walk: Sandpaper. Oh, and an Emery Board. I’m kidding.

Greg Brown: Of course you’re kidding!

Bob Walk: Well, not really.


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