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Sawx Agony…and Speeding Up Games, and Chewnel.

May 25, 2014

So Boston lost their ninth straight yesterday (looks like tenth today after Joe Maddon pinch hits for his #3 hitter and gets a 3-run jack out of it). That one might have been the one that crushed the season: a 5-0 lead that turned into a walk off, 6-5 loss in the bottom of the 15th in Tampa. The game, of course, cruised comfortably past five hours. 

So NESN has this annoying text poll every day, and today’s question was to choose one of four options to help speed up games. “Enforce the 12-second rule on pitchers” got more than half the votes. The other three options split fairly evenly (“no stepping out of batters’ box”, “no coaches’ visits to mound”, “no replay”).

I’ve often wondered who bothers responding to these things, but in this case my quibble is with the person who set the poll. Yesterday’s link more or less proved that replays weren’t the issue. Give us a better option–don’t start planting the seed that we shouldn’t be correcting umps’ mistakes.

Extra Bases, Gillette Edition: In an effort to try to snap the losing skid, Dustin Pedroia and Andrew Miller shaved off their beards this morning. In a show of solidarity, temporary minor-leaguer Stephanie Drew apparently shaved her bush.

Extra Bases, Revenge Edition: The Rays blew today’s Sawx game open with five in the bottom of the seventh. These teams don’t get along at the best of times, and these are not the best of times: with the five runs in and two down, GCBL blog favourite villain Chew-nel Escobar swiped third uncontested. Somebody from the Sawx dugout, conveniently on the third-base side, shouted something that made Chewy lose his shit. He invited the Sawx dugout to come and get a piece of him, and as they listlessly filed out to oblige, Jonny Gomes bombed in from left and nearly knocked Chewy over. Chewy saw it at the last second and skipped out of the way as the benches mingled. Chewy starts pointing and screaming. And hiding behind his guys. It broke up without any punches, with Chewy and Gomes ejected, and both benches warned.

No beanballs ensued but we think come the next series between the clubs, Chewy might want to be back in Mexico or wherever he’s from tending to family business. Turns out, said series starts Friday.

We don’t actually fault Chewy for taking third base uncontested if the Sawx were going to let him have it. It’s a 5-run lead, not a 15-run lead. Chewy’s faux pas were lipping off the Sawx dugout, inviting them out for a fight, then running away and hiding like the maricon he is. Rays’ catcher Jose Molina was up when it all went down, and while Sawx backstop AJ Pierzynski was running his mouth as usual, the two catchers actually didn’t seem to disagree on terribly much before, during, or after the fracas. Chewy’s going to get buzzed next weekend, and that may well be the end of it as the rest of the Rays seemed slightly embarrassed.    


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