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Hosmer and Norris for Rosario

May 27, 2014

Champion gives: Eric Hosmer, Derek Norris

Slumpy gives: Wilin Rosario

Maybe Josh will chime in with his rationale, but I don’t get it unless Hosmer’s declared virtually worthless. Catchers just aren’t worth much in our one-backstop league, so I don’t get how Rosario, OBP .254, is worth that much more than Derek Norris, who is raking in a part-time role vs. lefties. 

Rosario should end up with better stats than what he’s got, but he strikes out a shitload (2013: .292 AVG, .315 OBP, no typo). So while 20 HR from catcher can’t be found on trees, that kind of production may be hard to come by if the word is out that the strike zone, for Rosario, is irrelevant. We’re not saying the power isn’t legit, we’re just wondering how much power there is when you’re hacking at balls near the shoulders and toes.

Hosmer’s counting stats are crap, and that hurts at first base, but his .324 OBP is holding up and he’s a 15 HR kind of guy… or at least he should be, or he was. Josh clearly thinks he he isn’t worth a box of biscuits. Josh might be right but it’s a very low-risk gamble for Slumpy. Slumpy’s got Wilson Ramos for the days Norris doesn’t play, and while the timezones are backward on that, Norris generally plays against southpaws, so when the A’s are playing a righty, Ramos slots in early and the blank is avoided.

Two bad trades in a few hours. We know you work in petroleum, Son–stop sniffing the product!


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