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Ben Revere Cranks, As We Knew He Would

May 28, 2014

Image          Latent power, as correctly identified by Curacao Littleleague.

For anyone who missed it, we blew our waiver priority on Ben Revere on Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening, rewarding our faith, Revere jacked for the first time in 1,566 MLB at-bats. Well, not our faith, our research. If you look at Revere’s spray charts, he’s setting up to be a 10 HR-type hitter. One HR every three weeks isn’t anything to go wild about, but it probably guarantees everyday playing time when the BA is good, the OBP is OK, and there’s 35 SB in his legs.

I’m sure a couple teams behind us in the waiver queue were disappointed that Revere fell to us. Well, you’re ahead of us now. When Dave drops JJ Hardy in frustration, he’s all yours, kids.

Fangraphs on Revere:

16 Facts About Ben Revere’s Home Run

Jeff Sullivan’s best bit:

Earlier this year, a pitcher and I had a conversation about Ben Revere, and I asked if he’d be willing to groove one or two in there, just to see if it could happen. The pitcher declined, asserting that pitching is his “real job” and that a big part of that job is not grooving pitches to hitters in games as part of informal experiments encouraged by bloggers, but the pitcher noted that he didn’t want to be the one guy.” 


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