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Bumgarner for Cespedes

May 29, 2014

WNM gives: Madison Bumgarner

Nookie gives: Yoenis Cespedes

The analysis might not be that great here as we drafted Bumgarner and are thus biased toward him. That said, we still think Nookie’s on the right side of this deal. 

Bumgarner, 2014: 11 GS, 6-3, 65.2 IP, 3.15 ERA, 1.32 WHIP, 75/17 K/BB

Great line for Bumgarner, well, except that WHIP. So the question is, what’s real? Is it the wicked ERA and K/BB, or the WHIP? Most of the Sabremetroc crowd thinks WHIP is a far better stat than ERA, that (scaled) ERA will move toward WHIP in the long run, and I agree… but not here. Bumgarner’s sound, and the WHIP has been crushed by a .354 BABIP. Even with all that bad luck, the ERA is still elite. Bumgarner’s going to get better, not worse, and a FIP score of 2.82 suggests that’ll be sooner, not later.

We like Cespedes too, but let’s face it: the speed isn’t coming back, which makes him look a lot like Adam Dunn, minus the infield eligibility. Nothing wrong with Dunn, but would you trade Madison Bumgarner for the Big Donkey? That’d make you a jackass.

Well played, Nookie. Now how about Quentin for Bumgarner? When Quentin plays, he rakes…


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