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Celebrity Mailbag

May 31, 2014

Hey Shawn,

How come you and Xander don’t talk proper Spanish? [It’s not Spanish.–Ed.] Anyway, did you see the game last night? Check out my interview on NESN about Price. If you look very carefully, hijo, I quoted you, second paragraph. Anyway, here it is.


“I have a lot of respect for the guy, man. But it’s over. I have no more respect for him,” Ortiz said. “Last year, we kicked his ass in the playoffs, he went off, talking (expletive) about everybody. … We got to talk on the phone. We kind of straightened things out. He was kind of upset, you know? Me, as a veteran, I’m going to kind of let him know how things go in this game. Later on, he called me and apologized because he knows he was wrong. He apologized in public. He apologized to myself and everything was cool. So first at-bat of the season against me, he drilled me? I mean, it’s a war. It’s on. Next time he hits me, he better bring the gloves. I have no respect for him no more.

“I was going to let him know. I respect everybody in this league and I get a certain respect from everybody,” Ortiz said. “If you’re mad because I took you deep twice, I’m going to let you know I have almost 500 homers in this league. It’s part of the game, son.

“He knows he screwed up. He did that on his own. No managers said anything to him. No player was comfortable with the situation. He did that on his own, which is (expletive). He can’t get somebody out, he can’t be doing that (expletive). I’m done.”

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