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Odds and Ends: I feel dirty.

June 1, 2014

I’m streaming this Sunday, and I feel dirty. I’m not “throwing who I have”. Rather, I’ve gone out and picked up pitchers who I don’t even know to try to get some W and QS. This shouldn’t be allowed, but here we are.

Much dirtier than, oh, Mike Milken feels, I’d say. Milken, the paleo-Madoff who pled to six counts of tax evasion, filing false forms, and conspiracy for a 10-year-sentence and $600M in fines and penalties, was hailed as a hero last night on Saturday Night Baseball. For an entire half inning, one of the Fox talking heads fawned over this criminal’s newfound desire to fund prostate cancer research, while the other talking head presumably licked Milken’s prostate. There was absolutely no mention of his sleazy past. Forgive and forget I suppose–god knows how, the bastard.

But not as dirty as Jeff Kellogg, perhaps. Kellogg, the scumbag crew chief exposed after Friday night’s Sawx-Rays dust-up, was pulled off the series. Ted Barrett’s crew was off, so Barrett was brought in to restore order in Beantown, and Barrett was given the plate besides. No official warnings were given pre-game, but Barrett had an open discussion with managers Joe Maddon and John Farrell. The steady hand did the business, as even though the Sawx scampered out to a 7-0 lead, the teams just played baseball. The rivalry has stopped boiling over, at least momentarily. 

And maybe not that dirty, just confused. I read this morning that while Canadian couples have sex something like three times a week, Japanese couples have sex on average less than once a month. I find this all very upsetting as I’m 41 years old and I head absolutely no idea I was Japanese.


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  1. Copper permalink

    Too bad you can’t stream hitting.

    • Indeed.
      The pitching wasn’t that helpful anyway.

      How do you manage to crank 18 HR and look like losing offence for the week?

      • Copper permalink

        I’m still trying to figure out how I lost ABs by 50 when I maxed all week.

  2. Do you have too many guys hitting 6-7-8?

    • Copper permalink

      No and I’ll probably come very close to your total for the week. Just a little FYI for next week.

      • I’m about to do Extreme Makeover on my team…but it’s the funniest thing: Shaggy’s got a 12th placed team, but it seems everybody on it is “first round talent”.

  3. Shaggy permalink

    Funny the only one I was talking about was Kershaw.

    • Well, Greinke’s apparently traceable anyway. Bad news for Nookie as I think he was getting set to offer me Stephanie, and now that you traded me Asdrubal, he can keep Stephanie.

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