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Nice to Get a Slump Busted

June 8, 2014

I’m not going to write anything too controversial here as now that we don’t play each other the rest of the way, I’m trying to trade for Fat Ichiro from Slumpy. But this week’s reasonably comfortable win came at a useful time as I was starting to look vulnerable only 8 games up. It took a little effort to drag the ERA down below 3.00, but it’s there again this week–and I hope it’ll cause some other people to sit up and take notice that pitching can win championships. This league has been far too obsessed with hitting for for too long.

Looking around the league, the teams that should be a little concerned after this week are Frodo and WNM, both of whom were bubbling just below the playoff line and both of whom are in danger of losing to bottom feeders. Even a close win is something of a loss as it’s a missed opportunity to get fat.

Oh and Jose’s in a world of hurt as the typical June swoon is well underway.

Extra Bags, “Wow, So That Wasn’t Total Bullshit” Edition: A fair amount of crazy stories filter down to my friends in Curacao and some of them are just unbelievable. A few years back, there was a tale about a kid passing up serious MLB Draft cash to play ball in… Holland. Well, the back half of the story posted at the link below (which is a great read the whole way through) explains the bluff.

What made the original yarn sound like complete horse shit was the nature of the Dutch Honkball League. It might play at A-ball, so slightly below what goes on in Curacao, but only because unlike A-ball, it’s an all-ages set-up. You’ve got seasoned ex-US college players, 30-year-old ex-minor leaguers who couldn’t hit the breaking stuff, and Curacao ex-pats trying to get Winter League deals spicing up rosters. Eight teams or so, with Friday night to Sunday schedules to let the guys who have day jobs work the day jobs.

Some kid would pass up six-figure draft cash to work in the lightbulb factory in Eindhoven and pitch on Saturdays? Really, Son? Well, to quite, but this is what went down:

Bonus points to Josh Kusnick for his other quote about the fat front-office staffer: “I have you in my back pocket? You couldn’t fit in my back pocket!”  


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