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Complaint Mailbag

June 9, 2014

I’m trying to extort WNM for Tigers post-Super-2 Uber-Stud Eugenio Suarez. I think his name is Eugenio. Maybe that’s the Uruguayan soccer player? I’m just trying to get WNM to overpay give me fair value. At any rate WNM was bitter that he couldn’t pick up Suarez before he was called up, writing: ” I’m enraged at not being able to pick him up earlier…along with other players being called up. Ridiculous that I have to wait. Amateur hour.  I come within inches from losing my marbles when I want to pick up a rookie…call him Stroman, Singleton, Suarez, etc, that isn’t listed on Yahoo in this pool…then I think of a pool of blood and my marbles are in hand. Its bananas that they’re not available until a call up.”

OK then. FWIW Mendoza changed that rule this year, mostly to keep me and Nookie from sitting on Rotoworld and sucking up all the call ups. I hope we’ll change it back next year, sure.

What annoyed me about the rookies this year is that more of them were on the iPad draft list than on the desktop draft list. So Frodo got Kendrys Morales, Burger got George Springer, and most of the rest of us had no shot at either. But that’s a Yahoo thing, not a Mendoza thing, live and learn.

Extra Bags, “If only” Edition: Matt Wieters’ throwing program is going poorly so it looks like I’m going to lose him for the year as he’s off to see Dr. Andrews. If only there was a position in baseball where you could just hit. You know, maybe be the designated guy who could hit for a pitcher who wasn’t that good at hitting for himself. If only this existed, and if only the Orioles were still in the playoff race. If only.  


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