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Mailbag: Trade Offer Spam.

June 10, 2014

“Nothing worse then [sic] someone crying to make a trade, then sits on his ass an does nothing. Grow a sack and make a deal or stip bitching about it. Your market has been set.”

Easy there little fella! No need to get into a full-blown hyperventilating hobbit huff! Let’s run through your offers and see if any GCBL Blog readers would have done any of your deals. From the top:

(Frazier, Cruz) for (Reyes, Cutch, Greinke)

(Frazier, Cruz) for (Reyes, Cutch, Cain)

(A. Ramirez, Cruz) for (Reyes, Cutch, Cain)

(Frazier, Cruz) for (Reyes, Cutch, Hamels)

Frazier for (Reyes, Hamels)      <== GCBL Blog’s personal favourite

A. Ramirez for Reyes

Reynolds for Reyes

Randy Newman had it right. Contrary to popular rumour, the guy at the piano is not me back when my left hand kinda sorta halfways worked.

Let’s see who else wants Reyes.


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