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How Shallow are these Yahoo Leagues?

June 13, 2014

“Stream, Stream, Stream” over at Fangraphs offers decent guesses for weekly leaguers for two-starters that might be on the waiver wire. This week’s picks are:

Jon Niese: 13 GS, 85 IP, 2.54 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 2.82 K/BB

Trevor Bauer: 28 IP, 28 K (since recall; aside from April spot start)

Marcus Stroman: As a starter, 3 GS, 18 IP, 2.50 ERA, 17/2 K/BB

Niese is owned in only 39% of Yahoo leagues. Bauer? 25%. Stroman? 18%.

It’s hard to think that, say in the case of Stroman, all ten (12? etc.) owners in 82% of leagues aren’t paying attention. So the only reasonable conclusion is that rosters are so small, Stroman is logically deemed unworthy. Three fifths of the time, Niese isn’t worthy. I’m told Magic Johnson won’t sleep with women because they’re not Worthy, but this is different entirely. 

I can’t imagine playing in a league that shallow.

Extra Bags, Afternoon Rescue Edition: With more and more night baseball to the point of no day games at all, I’m even more grateful that the World Cup has arrived to fill my empty afternoons. Wednesday I was stuck watching some legislative hearing on Fox News about how kosher/halal butchery should be outlawed because “Americans want their animals slaughtered the American way”. Ok, fine, but honestly: what are the odds that sufficient numbers of cows and chickens will actually enrol in high schools and get blown away by their classmates? C’mon.


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