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Shagsters/Mendoza Deal: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.

June 17, 2014

Mendoza Gives: Brandon Moss, Anthony Rendon, Joe Smith

Shagsters gives: Jon Lester, Garrett Richards, Zach Britton

Edge to Mendoza on this one. They pulled off one of those tough pitching-for-hitting deals, which is great to see, but the difference is Smith for Britton. GCBL Blog and Curacao Littleleague have been a fan of “Great Britton” for four seasons now, and he’s finally found his niche with sub-1 WHIP since moving to the ‘pen. I don’t really want to debate the saves/holds thing, people need what they need, but I just think Britton is a better pitcher than Smith.

There’s a touch of panic in this from Shaggy’s side, trading with his opponent and looking at my offence next week. But he realized his anemic bats just couldn’t compete, and he realized that if he loses both this week and next week he’s very likely done for the year–double-digit games below the playoff line and at least five people to pass. So full credit to Shaggy for making the effort, as opposed to Swine who’s already waiting for next year. 


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