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The Quest for .540

June 17, 2014

We’re halfway through the season and the math now becomes easy. .540 ball is the classical playoff line . If you’re 50 points below .540 then you need to be 50 points above .540 the rest of the way. Targets then:

Curacao .418

Slumpy .525

Burger .535

Assclowns .548

Saget .551

WNM .574

Frodo/Mendoza .580

Nookie .599

Jose .619

Shaggy .622

Coach .632

Swine .648

Dutch Boy .690

Records show that .700 is a fairly hopeless case from the midpoint on. You may wonder, with only three teams above .540 at the midway point, if .540 is the right target. It pretty much evens out that way. What we don’t have this year is a sub-.300 propping everybody else up in the standings but Murray’s been a .286 team the last six weeks and should fill that role nicely going forward. Dutch Boy is slowly kissing altitude and is unwilling to trade strength for desperately needed depth. So by the end of the season look for .500 to be good for eighth place and .540 standing in for fifth, sixth, or seventh.


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