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Mind. Blown.

June 21, 2014

Shaggy and Mendoza have traded for the second and third times this week as they play one another. The protagonists have gotten in touch. Thanks lads.

Mendoza granted us a phone interview, so here’s how that went down from his point of view.

Shaggy and Mendoza had kept in touch since the earlier deal, with low-level stuff percolating. Shaggy wondered why Mendoza wasn’t bidding for Kershaw and Mendoza thought that with the Davis rejection and the Abreu rejection that Kershaw was expensive. But Shaggy asked for an offer, and Mendoza obliged. Shaggy countered, offering

(Kershaw, J Upton, Machado) for (E-5, Rizzo, Marte, Richards)

Mendoza didn’t know if this was headed anywhere and countered simply by removing Machado and Rizzo, that is:

(Kershaw, J Upton) for (E-5, Marte, Richards)

which Shaggy accepted. Mendoza was quite pleased with himself, well, until he looked at his roster and found his only CI-eligible to be Josh Harrison, who may or may not have a place to play after Neil Walker returns from his appendectomy. So Mendoza got back in touch with Shaggy to convince Shaggy that Morneau and Laroche had no place to play on Shaggy’s roster. Mendoza now admits he lustily overpaid for Morneau and Laroche–although in hindsight he thinks he’s substantially improved less glamourous starts like OBP in the deal.

Shaggy writes:

Copp sent a counter to my original offer in the Kershaw deal and I accepted it this morning after debating between his deal, Nookie’s deal, and Chris Davis from Josh. I didn’t consider the deal from Josh for long mainly because I’m just not a Davis fan and I think Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball while Davis is a top 15 hitter that could be anywhere from top 5 to 15. I also have not been a fan of Machado as my 3B all year and although I’m a big fan of Castellanos I wasn’t ready to run with him at 3B. This was the big difference between Copper and Nookie’s deal. I wanted an RBI producer and EE gives me that and my 3B covered. 

After I accepted the deal Copp messaged me and said he now needs a CI and the talk was of Morneau in return for a pitcher. We then discussed sending EE right back but I was really hesitant to move him back after thinking I found a solution for my problems above. I then inquired about Price and we came to the second deal. I was really happy to move Laroche or Morneau for pitching but didn’t see myself moving both, however when I was getting an ace like Price plus Lester to replace Kershaw I couldn’t say no. Butler has been hitting well as of late although still no power and I can shift Moss to 1B or a CI position when needed. Laroche and Morneau can both hit 20 something hrs and put up close to 100 rbis but this trade combined with regaining Richards put my pitching back at above average for the league and I think my hitting has improved some as well although I still have work to do.

After looking back it would have been incredible to do the deal in one big trade but I think it was too many pieces and would not have worked out. I’m looking forward to the analysis of the combined trades and also the thoughts of the league on whether or not I should have taken Nookie’s or “Champion”‘s deal instead. I think when the dust settles I have improved my team while also taking Lester away from Copp before he pitches against me tomorrow in a tight matchup. I also may have destroyed my team but only time will tell. I have an interesting group of trade pieces now and look forward to seeing what my roster actually looks like when this goes through because I have no idea now. Not sure who to put as my feature of the week on Monday…would hate to put EE on the trading block already but with such a low early response to Kershaw I’m concerned that if I don’t put studs up for auction I won’t get any replies. Maybe I will follow Underdogs lead and put a pitcher/batter combo.

Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure this deal is an effective wash. That is, I think Copp won the front half handily and Shaggy won the back half equally easily. Really looking forward to Shaggy’s Feature of the Week on Monday. Hoping it’s E-5 myself. Jays homers will be drawn like moths to a flame. Copper has asked for a courtesy call before E-5 goes anywhere else.

Shaggy Continues:
Side note: nice to see a trade between the two league leaders…I think CL won this one but slumpy is sitting in second so must know what he’s doing and thumb injuries are an odd thing for players to recover their swing from so only time will tell. Gomez is probably the best player in the deal in my mind even if Harper were healthy. I’m just glad Quintana is off your team so we don’t have to hear about him anymore!

Editor’s Note:  there’s one more very interesting piece on Quintana in the pipeline for this weekend. He can no longer lift his pitching arm above his head–that can’t be good.

I’m kidding… about the arm. There is another piece coming.


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