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Underdogs/Shagsters trade

June 24, 2014

Underdogs gives: Jason Kipnis, Angel Pagan

Shagsters gives: Brandon Moss, Chase Utley, Brad Ziegler

Dutch Boy won this one. Never mind Ziegler, whose K/BB isn’t what’s needed. Let’s pretend he isn’t even there.

Trading for Chase Utley has been a no-no since Britney Spears still had natural tits, but when you get to trade away Jason Kipnis in the process, that might be a wash. The injury risks cancel each other out, and while Kipnis is 30 or 40 years younger than Utley, Kipnis can’t put it together for a full season. I’ve owned him–I know. We’ve been over this before, but Burger’s big spin on trading Kipnis last week was “he’s been hurt so much lately, you don’t need to worry about a second half fade because the second half will be his first half”. Great. Well, if the fade doesn’t get you the injuries will. I suppose you want the younger guy but this is a bit of “so what?”

I’d much rather have Brandon Moss than Angel Pagan–especially when Pagan’s hurt. We don’t see enough of either of these guys out east but Moss is annually knocking on the door of 30 HR. Pagan’s game is speed on the base paths, with few RBI and surprisingly few XBH. If his back is fucked up, which it appears to be, he’s practically worthless. 

Well played, Dutch Boy.

Extra Bags, Bonehead Marketing Edition: I’m watching the Bucs this week with the Sawx far out West, and right now they’re in Tampa. The Rays have their usual few thousand fans out and it’s just heartbreaking to see a team there and not in Montreal. But the Rays are actively making it worse, chasing away some of their most ardent fans:

Executive Summary: Rays fans are encouraged to ring cowbells to cheer on the team, but only at designated cowbell-ringing times. 


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