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Shaggy Writes on Encarnacion, Kershaw, FOTW

June 25, 2014

“No [seller’s] remorse over Kershaw [last week] but I do really like him, as I’m sure everyone does. I also really like Laroche so that was a key to the deal. I think he’s under rated and really didn’t want to let him go and with Harper being added to the lineup I figure his OBP will add to either his runs or ribs depending where they hit.
“Nookie’s offer [of Pence plus Fister for Encarnacion] didn’t give me the elite players I wanted and I think I can work out smaller deals with him instead of us both moving guys we don’t really want to move to make a deal.
“Frodo explained on the message board why he didn’t make an offer however it would’ve been a close call with what he was offering. 
“Next week is undecided. Never know it may be Kershaw all over again but doubt it. Kipnis maybe. Maybe try to put a combo of guys. I try to find something that people find interesting. Putting a 3rd outfielder on the block doesn’t really entertain anyone or drum up a few offers which I think the whole league enjoys with the banter.
“One lesson learned is to not put the deadline too early like I did with EE. With another 24 hours I may have gotten more but I think the offer was fair and we both won.”

Extra Bags, Mendoza’s comment: “Why is everybody texting my phone at 2:30 am?”


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