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Bautista for J. Upton and Morneau

June 27, 2014

Dutch Boy gives: Jose Bautista

Mendoza gives: Justin Upton, Justin Morneau 

What’s the premium to get a star outfielder on the Canadian team? An extra Canadian player on top. We don’t claim that Bautista (hits more) and Upton (runs more) are carbon-copies of one another, but they are both arguably top-10-but-not-top-5 OF. If you need the extra jacks and OBP, take Bautista. If you need across-the-board contribution, Upton. 

Morneau-for-nothing is what makes this a win for Dutch Boy, who has recovered quite nicely since Burger ass-raped him last week. Morneau is not the player he was, but he’s still a must-start against righties and he plays in a hitters’ park, humidor be damned. His statistical profile reminds me of Adam Lind (I did Lind for Morneau in April of course).

Mendoza paid extra because Bautista is a Blue Jay, and this Jays team looks to be vintage. As to what vintage exactly, I’m thinking, oh, 1987. If Bautista = George Bell, well, fine, but I don’t think so. Well played, Dutch Boy.


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