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Playoff Odds

July 8, 2014

With 2/3 of the regular season by the wayside, here are updated odds to make the GCBL playoffs:

Curacao Littleleague 100%, but you knew that

Slumpy 85%

Saget 80%

Champion 75%

Mendoza 70%

Burger 55%

Assclowns 45%

Shagsters 35%

Nookie 20%

Coach 15%

Jose 10%

WNM 5%

Swine 3%

Underdiogs 2%

Extra Bags, Self-Absorbed Edition: My doctor has taken me off my anti-depression meds, so if this blog gets cranky or moody or weird, there’s no excuse for me to be an asshole, but that might be why I’m acting that way. Don’t worry, I’ll try to take most of it out on Dave.


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