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Much Ado About Yahoo (Nothing)

July 10, 2014

FanGraphs is getting on my nerves a little bit. The fantasy side has been deeply engrossed in coming up with better fantasy categories. Specifically, pitching categories. Wins rightly comes in for the most abuse. It’s bad enough in our league, but it’s even more obtuse in a 4×4 or 5×5 setup without QS.

QS has its own weaknesses. If you think an ERA of 4.50 is “quality”, you are either fooling yourself or you are Felix Doubront. Putting that aside, how does pitching to an ERA of 4.50 over 6 innings (3 ER) signal “quality”, when an ERA of 4.50 or 4.00 over an 8- or 9-inning complete game (4 ER) does not qualify as “quality”?

So the writers and the commentariat have come up with a bunch of ideas. (W + QS). (Outs – Total Bases) required to be greater than some number. And so on.

The problem is that no website offers this kind of customizability. I’m not sure we’d switch away from Yahoo even if such a site existed, but since it doesn’t, well, what’s the point of even talking about it?

The answer might be to convince Yahoo to offer more customization of its own, but I doubt they’ll bother. Mendoza and I were talking today and he said that, between 5-7 am, a couple times a week their stats engine is screwed up anyway, and a couple times a month this runs well into (East Coast) morning. To expect more from Yahoo, when they don’t have their day-to-day shit consistently organized after all these years, seems like a big ask.



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  1. Copper permalink

    Wins I don’t have too much problem with…its erratic but if you want to win that cat, draft guys on good teams and you will generally be OK. I figured the Holds debate would rage, since Sv +Holds seems to have completely eliminated the value of closers while our league has kind of offset them by having the cats split. So closers are still good but you can run twice as many hold guys and gain a split most weeks.

    I find there is an unbalance in our hitting categories. HRs provide too much value while SBs seem to be undervalued in our league. A speedy guy can help you in SB and Rs and maybe OBP if you are lucky whereas the knuckle dragging 1B can dominate in R, RBI, HR, XBH and OBP sometimes.

    I think our scoring is effective but it might be better to drop to a 6×6 and combine Sv and Holds and drop OBP and XBH and just run OPS.

    Just my 2 cents.

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