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Futures Inconsiderations

July 14, 2014

So after finding out too late last year that I could stream the MLB Futures game, I resolved to watch it this year. We like talking rookies in this league, and baseball’s the sport where these games are the best spectacle. In fact, I’d argue that a unified team of the very best prospects could play the Astros or the Padres and win more than they’d lose. 

My best baseball customer called this morning to check his figure and I asked him when the game would be on–I missed it, it was yesterday. Turns out it was opposite the World Cup grand final, so I would have missed most of it anyway, but he was upset because it was on opposite… 14 MLB games. 

Seems this showpiece of blue chip up-and-comers started just as Sunday’s early games were headed to the Stretch, about an hour before the West Coast games started. So diehard baseball fans, the people watching baseball on a midsummer Sunday afternoon only vaguely aware of other people in their homes, likely missed the Futures game because they were watching… their own team play baseball.

The answer here is dead easy, my customer points out. It’s called “Wednesday”. Aside from the MLB festivities themselves, the All-Star Break is a horrible sporting wasteland. Last year the sports channels gave us the Spelling Bee qualifiers, a dog show, the movie “Love Story” (he plays for his university hockey team, so that’s sports I guess?), and the WNBA. Put the Futures Game on in prime time on Wednesday and give us some goddamn baseball.

Better, let the All-Star Game’s hitters whose Friday games are closest to the All-Star venue hang around and bat. Say, one OF, one MI, one CI, and a DH on each roster. “You think you can pitch kid? Fine. Pitch to Tulo, Nelson Cruz, and Josh Donaldson. If one of them gets on, there’s some guy named Mike Trout due up fourth.”

Wouldn’t that be more fun to watch than watching Ali McGraw scream through tears that “love means never having to say you’re sorry!” ??? (Which is utter bullshit, for the record. I’ve been married nine years and I have to say sorry like seven times a day. Often, in Russian.)   


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