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Saget: a Farewell to Bronx Bolus

August 1, 2014

“Trying to handcuff all my bats under one team or all my starting pitchers under one team or all my relievers under one team is a hobby and a challenge with some logic behind it….whether it works or not is up for review but at least I am in the playoff hunt.

“Rationale #1 is that it takes less “games” and less “plays” to accrue stats and ultimately win: if Gardner singles and steals a base, and Jeter and crew collect a BB, a double, and RBI within the same inning, it seems to me in my sick mind, it would take more “work” for a collection of the same number players on different teams, even if they were better compared to my individual Yanks players, to accrue the same amount of stats. I.E., it would take more at bats to get the same production I got in the one inning of Yanks’ or Reds’ bolus.

“Essentially, I am doubling up on stats in the same action of plays–sort of like getting credit for 2 TDs in fantasy football for “one” TD if you have the same QB and WR connect on the same play and they are both on your team. The flip side is when Felix Hernandez 2 hits the yanks or there is a rainout, I am fucked for that day.

“Rationale 2 and 2A is that it makes lineup management easier and you make sure have built in back-ups so you son’t worry about others grabbing your back-up replacement when there is an injury or someone is released. When Beltran got hurt or Soriano was released, I had their replacement on the roster already.

“Well without a full complement of “Yanks” to uplift the shitty value of Brian Roberts and Ichiro and Kelly Johnson, there was no point in keeping those bastards. Further, once Headley, Prado, and Drew became Yanks it was going to impossible to obtain them, so the dismantling began.

“Side note, if a players rank is not top 50, no one wants to trade or they assume someone ranked in the 200s whose O-Rank is top 75 or so is not as good as someone who is top 50, even though they suck this year, i.e. CarGo and J.Hamilton, so since I was short on 2B and Marwin Gonzalez and Solarte are no sure things, the only trading chip I had was Ellsbury for Kinsler. The hell with trading Morse for a middle of the road 2B: I could just pick up Schoop off the wire and keep Morse. 

“The dead weight Yanks are gone, the Yank bolus is no more, but it might just make my team stronger for the playoffs…it was fun while it lasted, now I have to hang onto to my playoff spot!”


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