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Saget, in the Gardner of Eden

August 2, 2014

So I’ve been trying to get Gardner of Saget. No luck, and I ended up asking him “WTF?” and after a brief, colourful exchange he gave me this for publication:

Not aimed at you CLL, just my observation of  the league concerning trades from my humble standpoint: at least for my team, discount days are over for this year and probably going forward.  

“Teams want Gardner and Teixera for pennies on the dollar: I can’t shoot for a handcuff bolus anymore when 2 or more teams don’t even respond to offers which is cool, not a big deal, it’s their prerogative, I just have to alter my strategy.

“Plus I think a few teams think I will just roll over and include a gift player in every deal in order to facilitate a deal because I put sweeteners in deals in the past. Gonna have to be a Steinbrenner-type asshole like everyone else (as it relates to trading in a fantasy league) and then also try to be the first one to rape Nookie next year since it is inevitable he will make a fucked deal and put the rest of the league at a disadvantage.”

Editor’s Note: Can we just leave Nookie out of it? Coach posted that I gave up day too much when I traded (I only got one player, while Nookie “got fat”), but please, Mr. Congressman sir, I’m not here to talk about the past. 


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