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O-Rank: Red Herring?

August 15, 2014

No name to protect the guilty, but I’ve had a very interesting exchange on a possibility I’d never considered:

Hypothesis: Nobody really cares about O-Rank; they just use that as a crutch to say “no deal” when they have no real reason to turn down a trade but somehow fear doing it.

This never entered my mathematical head, O-Rank as just a useful excuse. If the claim is right, people like me & Saget have, in a sense, been giving our league mates far too much credit–thinking they’re using a flawed methodology when they’re not using any at all.

It’s interesting… in the cold light of day I don’t think I believe it because our league’s standard is quite high.

But it does dovetail with something I’m sure is very real–people want the league to be fun, but they just don’t need Dave’s abuse, and not trading at all is the only way to avoid it. A chilling effect. It’s kind of sad how bad it’s gotten with Dave these last three years, and I can only hope that the AA-team will continue to beat some sense into him over the weekend.

Extra Bags, Erection Edition: My cock has just been getting hard at random times for no apparent reason at all this week, or so I thought. It’s not a second adolescence, Mendoza explains: turns out it’s just a paranormal reaction to Dutch Boy’s incessant texting Mendoza in an effort to try to stay close in his matchup with me this week–“this is his World Series right here”.

Yes, having someone treat their routine Week 20 matchup with me as a World Series is, win or lose, arousing.



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