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New Week, New Playoff Odds

August 18, 2014

Curacao Littleleague has clinched a playoff spot.

Team, Odds to make playoffs

Slumpbusters 99%

Mendoza 95%

Frodo 91%

Nookie 45%

Shaggy 40%

Assclowns 40%

Saget 35%

Burger 30%

Coach 15%

WNM 5%

Jose  5%

Commentary: With WNM and Jose only 4 and 5.5 games out of a playoff spot, the 5% probabilities may seem too low. The secondary problem they face is that not only are they playing each other, they have to pass five or six teams to see 6th. While this week’s loser is eliminated, even a 10-4 winner might not find himself any closer to 6th if other middle-of-the-pack teams win. Last, both face teams higher in the standings next week.

Coach also suffers from strength of schedule issues, although I’ve been promised a great deal on a 77 Pinto if I roll over like a Suzuki Sidekick next week. I think my mother in law will get a bang out of the Pinto. (Did you know that “mother in law” is a perfect anagram of “woman hitler”? Try it.)


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  1. Shags permalink

    So I’m 40 and 35….which one is Saget?

  2. Shags permalink

    Thank you.

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