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[Guest Post by Fidel Castro] Sawx land Traitor to La Revolucion Rusney Castillo

August 22, 2014

fidel-castro     (You were expecting another photo of Keri Russell, weren’t you?)

Well, this kind of breaks my heart. Everytime one of our boys defects for the money, I can’t help but wonder why we didn’t just invade America in 1961 when we had the chance. Some quick thoughts on this, and I’ll try to keep the politics out of it.

1) Castillo, when searching for comparables is somebody like Alex Rios or Jayson Werth. 20/20-type who will rarely ever be 20/20 because one year he’ll hit more and one year he’ll run more. He’s unlikely to give up running completely, like Yoenis Cespedes did, but he could be 30/10 one year and 10/30 the next. Can play centre, but like Werth and Rios will settle into a corner spot.

2) His plate discipline eroded in his last year in Cuba. Whether that is small sample size or somebody who just wants to hit more home runs, I guess we’ll see.

3) The arrival of Castillo makes the extension of fellow piece-of-shit traitor (oh, sorry) Cespedes more likely. Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli are both under contract through 2015, but either could quickly be dealt for pitching. Allen Craig, for better or for worse, is under contract through 2018. He’s cheaper than either Victorino or Napoli, and he might get injured less if he plays first all the time. Craig is having a bad year, but his second-level peripherals this year are at career norms.  Which is good, because his trade value stinks worse than one of those shitty Dominican cigars. Opening Day 2015 is a long way away but right now the Sawx have precious little pitching and too many bats.

Vazquez and Ross (or just call it “two catchers”); Napoli and Craig; Pedey; Holt and Middlebrooks; Bogaerts; Cespedes, Betts, Castillo and Victorino; Ortiz. That’s 13, with no room for organizational pets Bradley and Nava or blue-chip prospect Garin Cecchini. But the rotation? Right now it’s Buchholz, Rubby, Kelly, Webster, and Workman. That won’t win shit. Rubby’s going to be fine, Buchholz might find his #2-#3 form, and the rest of them might be #4 starters, as might Raunaudo… but that still doesn’t win shit. 


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