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Final Week: Playoff Odds

August 25, 2014

Curacao Littleleague has clinched first overall.

SECOND OVERALL (each of these three teams is 100% to make the playoffs)

Champion 45%

Slumpy 35%

Mendoza 20%

Champion’s favourable matchup actually makes him the favourite even with 1.5 games to give. Champion holds both tiebreakers, while Slumpy holds the breaker over Mendoza.


Nookie 70%

Assclowns 45%

Shaggy 40%

Coach 35%

Saget 5%

Burger 3%

WNM 2%

Jose virtually no chance

Aside from Nookie, who should find 7-7 sufficient, this one’s a bit of a mess. The stat methods like Assclowns based on match-up. Saget seemingly has too many people to pass, has lost 5 out of 6, and doesn’t have a 10-win week all year. While only three games back in theory, in reality there’s no way to make them up. 

Extra Bags, Theory and Reality Edition: The boy asked his father what the difference between theory and reality was. His father told him to ask his mother if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for $1M, and ask his sister if she’d sleep with that kid from the vampire movies for $1M. The boy should then consider the answers, consider the situation, and report what he learned.

The boy returned with his conclusions. “In theory, we’re sitting on $2M,” began the boy. “In reality, we’re living with a couple of whores.” 


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