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Listening to Mendoza, Pt. 2: Roster Maximization

August 30, 2014

Mendoza’s been wondering aloud as to why more real baseball teams don’t do what Fantasy teams do–game the system to effectively run a larger-than-25-man roster.

Well, aside from DL shenanigans which have gone on forever, it seems that this year teams are figuring out pitching. The Orioles spent much of June running six starting pitchers for the price of five spots (and once, five for the price of four) by repeatedly optioning Kevin Gausman to the minors. When a player is sent down, he needs to go for 15 days… unless there’s an injury, or he’s needed as the extra man for the back-half of a doubleheader. Gausman, conveniently, kept being That Guy.

There’s one other trick: you can bring up anyone you want on/after September 1, no matter where they are and no matter how long they’ve been down there. So the Mariners sent James Paxton down Wednesday. He’ll be back and starting Monday. Gerrit Cole got sent down Friday by the Pirates–to a Rookie Ball franchise whose season is over. He didn’t clean out his locker either, and will start Monday. In the mean time, the M’s and Bucs will each have an extra bat on the bench on the weekend.


Extra Bags, Confidential to WNM: It’s ok to love ice cream sandwiches, but don’t try to share one with Jesus Montero. He might come after you with his baseball bat.

“Montero, 24, screamed profanities and threw the ice cream sandwich at the scout while trying to get into the stands with a bat in his hands. That’s when pitching coach Nasusel Cabrera intervened.”

Montero has been deactivated early and his season is over.

Fuck. I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly.



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