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Regular Season Over.

September 1, 2014

Well, Curacao Littleleague set the record for most dominant regular season ever — 27 games ahead of the Great Unwashed in second and lower places. The playoffs are what they are.

Burger also has a bye this week. I wonder if we’ll meet in the fina–oh.

With little to talk about this blog will also just be what it is until February. Expect posts once or twice a week in September during playoffs, then we’ll slowly ramp stuff back up in January.  Thanks for all your comments and letters.


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  1. Shags permalink

    Come on the fans want week to week predictions! I am calling Mendoza and Shagsters…..champion and CL next week then Champion takes the title in a tight final. Congrats on a great regular season.

  2. Shags permalink

    Also incredible that Nookie had only one win in the first 7 weeks and finished in 5th place. I think I will take Nookie over Mendoza actually…and then you can pick which team you want to win the semi.

    • Steven permalink

      Most dominant team ever. Not even close to 2013 Maniacs.

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